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21 Answers From Inspiring Blogger Shafi Khan

Hello Geeks,

Did you enjoyed the previous interview of sunny kumar from  ? If not then check it out here. Interview with Sunny from TheGuidex

I am here to present the next interview of our Interview series.

Today we are having an another Inspiring and Motivational Blogger Shafi khan from India here at Blogsgeek. he is here to represent and deliver his views and myths regarding Blogging,Make Money Online , Driving Traffic, search engine optimization exclusively for you.

Let me tell you this is the very first interview of Shafi .

shafi khan mybloglift

Please Introduce Yourself to Our Reader

Hi Aditya, first of all, thanks for taking my interview and I never

imagined of being interviewed on an amazing blog like yours.

To everyone else, I am Shafi Khan, an internet marketer from

Mumbai, India. I have been learning about digital marketing for

about two years now. During this period, I have worked as a

Freelancer and created few churn and burn niche sites for the

sole purpose of making money online.

However, two months ago, I launched my personal blog

BlogCharge, a blog about blogging, which I want to grow.

My aim this time is to establish as a brand and create multiple

authority sites under BlogMind Network (that’s future goal).

What made you or How you get into blogging?


I was always fascinated by the Internet and use to spend most

of my time surfing amazing websites. Then I saw Adsense. It is

where it all started.

I started my research and learned more about how one can

make money by placing ads on his site. While I was ready to

create an Adsense Niche Site, I learned something called

“Affiliate Marketing.”

It was even great to see that I can make huge commission by

writing reviews and referring customers to buy affiliate


But the push I needed was given by Harsh Agarwal and his

blog ShoutMeLoud. I mean, he was making more than $1000-

$20000/month from his blog.

I started my first Amazon affiliate blog (which was a big failure)

and eventually got here.

What are the other things you loves to do except blogging?
Apart from blogging, I love writing codes. I am a part-time

Android developer and will soon launch my first app on Google

Play Store.

But don’t think of as a geek. I have a great social life as well. I

love spending time with my friends and going to trips. We’re

planning a seven-day trip this New Year.

And I am a big foodie. I’m sure 120% of my earnings will be

spent on foods (wink).

From How long do you blog?

Technically speaking, it has been over one year since I am

writing blog posts either for my clients of my niche blogs. But,

it has been only two and a half months since I am writing

articles for my personal blog.

Tell Us something about your Blog “BlogCharge.” is my personal diary. It is the place where I

share everything I have learned from my experience.

To be more specific, categories I write about are Blogging,

WordPress, Email Marketing, SEO, Blog Monetization and

Social Media Marketing.

How You Decided On What Niche, You must write?


I always do my research before starting any projects. But this

time I didn’t. As I said earlier, BlogCharge is my personal diary,

and I don’t think one need to research before writing a journal


What Knowledge or Experience Do You Have In Your Niche ??

Learned everything by reading, applying, experimenting, and

failing. Everything I share on my blog is a result of my

experience with that particular thing.

If you head over to my blog, then you’ll see that I don’t share

much reviews or case studies and keep myself limited to basic

tips and advice. That’s because that’s what I know and


What Are Your Future Goals for Your Blog?

I have only one future goal for BlogCharge, to establish a brand

and one way stop for new bloggers who want to start their


Building a blog network and make it as my full-time job is the

ultimate goals.

Do You Guest Post? If Yes, then for how many Blogs you had contributed?

No, I don’t.

Making money while blogging is Easy? What would you say?


Making money while blogging is possible, but certainly not

easy. It requires a lot of hard work. Day and night of content

creation, promotion, SEO, social network management, etc.

drains you completely.

Moreover, making money blogging is a long-term project. You

can’t just create a blog and expect it to make a full-time

income within weeks.

And now please don’t show me my second month blogging

report where I made $99.47 from my blog. I am a bit different

than you 😉

“YouTube Is also the best way to make money online” What would you say?

Personally, I haven’t tried YouTube to make money. But, I have

seen YouTuber’s make millions of dollars from YouTube. So,

yes, YouTube can be a great source of income if you’re good

at creating videos.

Which Will You Prefer “CPC based Advertising V/s Affiliate Marketing”?

All hails to Affiliate Marketing. It is best, and CPC can never

help you earn that much unless your blog gets millions of page


For starters, I would suggest you try them both. Place CPC ads

on sidebar and affiliate links within content. See for yourself

what is giving the better results.

Time Management Is The Biggest Concern For A Blogger. How Do You Manage Your Time?


As I am an engineering student and get very less time for

blogging, I use some tools to manage my time.

For content planning, I use Trello. For social media automation,

I use Buffer and BoardBooster.

For email marketing, my favorite tool is MailerLite as I can

automate emails which save manual work.

However, I still have to spend anywhere around 15-20 hours

per week to make sure I keep my contents updated.

Why is Affiliate Marketing Better than Google Adsense?

Here are few reasons, I believe –

High commissions.

Better chances of converting.

Less headache of placing ads and worrying about ideal ads


Freedom of choosing which networks to promote.

Check out : The Complete Guide On Affiliate Marketing 

Give some Tips On Making Money Through Affiliate Networks?

1. Stay honest. Affiliate marketing is all about being creative

and sincere. Do honest reviews and recommend only those

products that you have used.

You can get more sales from an honest review than a product

review that was just done for the sake of a high commission.

2. Join and promote only trusted affiliate networks.

3. Don’t hesitate to ask for review copies if your affiliate

network releases a new product. They are more than willing to

give it to you. Just ask.

Do You Know Why Most Of The Newbie Bloggers Fail?

Ironically, I have a whole 1000+ words post on this topic. Please

refer to it. Common Blogging Mistakes

I Had Noticed You are driving Traffic from Pinterest. How One Could Drive traffic from Pinterest ?? Reveal some Myths


Pinterest is a secret traffic weapon. You can expect thousands

of daily visitors from Pinterest if you can create beautiful


Here are few tips for beginners –

1. Complete your profile and do add a profile pic of your own.

2. Create beautiful graphics yourself or else hire someone to

do it for you. Pinterest is all about the visual treat.

3. Join relevant group boards and pin consistently. Don’t spam.

4. Spend some bucks in automation tools such as

BoardBooster and ViralTag. They’ll help you a lot.

What other Methods You Are Using For Driving

Traffic To Your Blog?

Google Organic, Flipboard, and Twitter are my next traffic

sources. Apart from them, I’m active on several forums where I

promote my contents sometimes.

Give some Tips to create powerful backlinks?

shafi khan mybloglift

Not a master at this but here’s what have worked for me –

Create accounts at social media networks.

Find Do-Follow Forums and register with them.

Leave comments at others sites. You’ll find many CommentLuv

enabled do-follow sites on the internet.

Which Tools Do You Use For Keyword Research?


Mainly I use two of the best tools for Keyword Reseach. The

first is Google Keyword Planner to find keyword suggestions.

And then SEMRush to analyze keyword competition.

Which Blogs/Resources Would You Recommend To Our Readers For Improving Their Blogs?

Read these five blogs daily and consider your blog as



What Message or Tips Would You Like To Give To My Readers?

I guess I have already shared many tips till now. One last tip I

would give is to “Follow Your Passion.” If you aren’t passionate

about any project then just leave it and start the one you love.

Doing this will keep you hardworking and consistent always.

Have a great day 🙂

Ending Up

Well it was awesome to have you Shafi here on BlogsGeek, thanks for being here and for everything you shared here.

Best of luck for your blogging career.



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