9 Effective strategies To Rank A Blog High On Alexa

9 Effective Strategies To Rank A Blog High On Alexa

Alexa is a website venture of Amazon Corporation that judges,analyzes and compare sites in respect with its daily visits,page views,bounce rate,site linking,seo and Rank the sites on these basis. there are more these types of sites which provide site analysis like ahrefs.com & moz.com but alexa is the best and more accurate website analysis option since 1996 when it came into existence . you could also call it a directory of all the Known sites and blog. it provides a detailed information about a domain.

Alexa is the best tool for bloggers and Is mainly utilized by the bloggers and web geeks to analyze their sites and blog and get a detailed stats of their blog. Alexa rankings matter a lot for the web bloggers. Currently in the top rankings of alexa google ,facebook and youtube are present .Every Blogger Wants to Rank High In alexa.

If You Will Ask Me If Alexa Rank Is Really Important? Then I Would say Yes As Nowadays Alexa Is The Key Factor That Determines The Popularity And Quality Of A Blog or a Website.The More Alexa Rank You Have The More Popular You Are In The Blogging World .

If I’ll talk about me than from the day i started blogging i was regularly checking my blog stats and performance at Alexa and always wanted it to be high but As i Was a newbie i failed many times but after few months i got some experience and came to know that How To Rank A Blog High On Alexa.

Ranking a blog high on alexa is not so easy, it needs hard works with a couple of months and a Perfect strategy to be implemented. We are giving today 11 Effective strategies to rank a blog high on alexa.

9 Effective strategies To Rank A Blog High On Alexa


#1 Content Quality & Quantity

Everytimes in case of blogging you must know or heard that quality is the king but when it comes to Improve Alexa Rankings then quality and quantity of content both are essential. quality and quantity will help you to gain more subscribers from your daily visitors. Always Keep in mind that you must have a Quality articles that too with a more than 1000+ words. Don’t ever try to Copy articles or Content spinning as they could led your blog to great penalty and you could also loss your google indexing.

strategy 1 : Write Quality Articles With 1000+ Words

If You don’t have content Ideas then You Could Easily Get Writing ideas from social medias.


#2 Consistency 

Rank A Blog High On Alexa

Be Consistent, It will help you to get more and more daily visitors to you blog and can also get more subscribers from your daily visitors . Being In-Consistent can lead in decrease of your loyal subscribers day-by-day which will surely affect your alexa rank slowly and slowly. one thing you must aware about that Never Compromise With Quality Over Quantity.

strategy 2 : Be Consistent In Blogging


#3 Keyword Targeting

Rank A Blog High On Alexa

Well Keyword Targeting Can Even Boost Your Alexa Rankings Drastically . You must rank rank high for popular keywords for the articles.the better you rank the more high index you will get in google which will surely increase your daily page views and led to increase in your alexa ranking . for example rank high for keywords like alexa ranking , increase alexa rank, Blogging Guides ,popular stuffs.

strategy 3 : Rank High The Targeted Keywords


#4 Branding

Rank A Blog High On Alexa

Branding plays a very vital role in the popularity of a blog, what you need is a perfect strategy that can help you to Brand your Business better. You Could Hire some professionals that can Brand Your business but you could do it by yourself by some effective branding strategy.

strategy 4 : Brand Your Blog


#5 Bloggers Relationship

Rank A Blog High On Alexa

You must have to make good relationships with bloggers around the web. Relationship between bloggers can help each other To get more traffic from each other and can help to increase Alexa Rankings by helping each other . what all you need is to connect with bloggers , Talk with them , Discuss blogging Ideas . These things will help you to generate new blogging strategies .you must have a connection with more bloggers of your niche . this will help you to get updates around the specific niche.

strategy 5 : Make Connections With Bloggers specially of your niche


#6 Good social Media 

Rank A Blog High On Alexa

Social media Is the key factor that affects your Alexa Rankings. As most of the internet users are active on the social media. so the best source by which you could get huge traffic is the social networks. For that you must have a good social media, i mean more subscribers and fans on facebook,twitter,Google Plus. you must be active in facebook groups of your niche and join communities on Google Plus And tumblr. the strong and good connections you have on social media.the better rank you will get on Alexa.

strategy 6 : Have Good Connections In Social Media


#7 Alexa Widget/Alexa Toolbar 

Getting usual traffic on your blog will not help you to increase you alexa rank drastically but if you will get traffic from bloggers/webmasters/Geeks Then it will surely help you to increase you alexa ranking within a month or two.this is because that most of the webmasters and bloggers have alexa toolbar installed in their browsers that will help alexa better to determine your blog and can increase your blog rank.On the other side adding alexa widget on your blog will also help you to increase your alexa Rank .

strategy 7 : Install Alexa Widget on Your Blog And Get Traffic From Bloggers And Webmasters.


#8 Content Marketing

Rank A Blog High On Alexa

Content Marketing Is The strategy to get more audience over a content by implementing adverts and Distributing Valuable,Relevant And Consistent Content . This helps bloggers to get more audience by a proper marketing of their content through out the world wide web.Proper Content Marketing helps in increasing Alexa Ranking Within A Week.

strategy 8 : Do Proper Content Marketing


#9 Backlinks

Rank A Blog High On Alexa

Backlinks are called inbound links or incoming links that  helps a blogger to get audience through out any other link from a different web page. Generally Backlinks are Through Comments. so you must have to generate quality backlinks as well as safe backlinks to you blog . Don’t generate more backlinks As it have adverse effects also . Try to Generate 7-10 backlinks a day .

You Could Generate Backlinks by commenting on blogs,submitting your blog links in online directories,Guest Posting on other blogs. You Could Also Use IndiBlogger To Get a quality backlinks from there.

strategy 9 : Generate More Backlinks to Your Blog


Conclusion : Getting a high alexa rank is all about the traffic,don’t get it wong its about the organic traffic.the best way you could implement to get organic traffic,the best alexa rank you will get . I had already shared 9 Effective strategies To Rank A Blog High On Alexa . Try These strategies to get more alexa rank . Meanwhile you could also find new strategy to get more alexa rank. If you Have one of your own then let me know that by the comment section below.


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