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8 Things That Matter To Grow As A Healthy Organisation

Every organization or business wants to grow and reach new heights. To do so, you need to foster a healthy and inclusive work environment that ensures the well-being of the employees.

Healthy organizations understand that it takes teamwork and continuous collaboration to ensure that the company work product is always high in quality. Employees would love to work in such an organization, and they wouldn’t consider work to be a burden.

In a highly competitive job market, maintaining a healthy work culture ensures employee loyalty and reduces attrition.

But how can you ensure that your organization has a healthy work environment? What can you do to foster an engaging work culture where the employees are satisfied? Here are the top eight things that matter to grow as a healthy organization.

Things You Need To Know


Communication is the building block of every relationship, including that of an employee-employer. Start by sharing your company’s vision and goals with the employees so that they know what they are working towards.

An open-door policy where workers can walk into the management’s office and convey their concerns is another step towards establishing good communication with employees. Listening to employees’ concerns with an empathetic ear can go a long way in building a healthy workplace.


Consistent communication from the management regarding the projects at hand also offers a clear picture of the situation to the employees. It tells them what they are working towards and reduces the chances of needless speculations.    

Allow Employees To Maintain Good Work-Life Balance 

While there was a time when organizations would expect their employees to work diligently without offering them time to be with their families, that time is past. Employees have started realizing the importance of having a good work-life balance.

They want to spend time with their families and have a life outside of the office. Having a good work-life balance also benefits the organization in many ways. It improves the productivity of the workforce and increases their job satisfaction.

Apart from ensuring that employees’ overtime is restricted and adequately compensated, you can also allow the employees to work from home on certain occasions. It reduces the transit time to get to the office, increases the time they can spend with their family, and can even increase their work output.  

Foster an Honest and Trusting Relationship With Employees

Employees value trust. Establishing a trusting relationship with your employees is vital to creating a healthy workplace. To build trust among your employees, you need to start by delivering on your promises.

If you promise to compensate your employees for working overtime to meet a deadline, then make sure that you do as you promised. When you make promises, stay away from using words such as “I will try my best” or “I will try.” They indicate that there is a good chance that you won’t follow up on your promise.

Apart from this, you should also show compassion when employees come to you with problems. Every management makes mistakes from time to time. Own up to your mistakes and communicate the steps you are taking to fix the mistake with your employees.       

Make Workplace Fun

Your employees spend a lot of time at the office. Making the workplace fun plays a huge role in ensuring that your employees love spending time at the office.

You can organize events and competitions from time to time or on special occasions. You can also let them personalize their workspace and add some of their personality into it. This way, the workspace becomes a reflection of themselves and stops being a boring place they go for working alone. 

Offer Avenues for Growth

Working at the office shouldn’t just be the reason for earning income. Offering your employees a chance to enhance their skills can benefit the organization as well as the employee greatly and create a healthier workplace. 

You can offer training opportunities in the relevant field for those who are interested. For example, if someone wants to get a change management certification, you can provide them with the time needed to do so. The employee will use their skills to make the organization better, benefitting everyone.

Incentivize Employees

Everyone loves to be rewarded for good work. Appreciating employees who perform their job exceptionally well and recognizing their contributions makes them feel validated.

Not only are these employees more likely to work harder, but others will also follow in their footsteps. It will improve the work output for the whole organization while also offering job satisfaction to the employees. 

Promote Employee Wellness

While training employees and improving their technical skills is a worthwhile task, it is also crucial that you pay attention to their wellness. Not only are healthy employees more productive, but they are also better equipped to deal with stress and less likely to miss a workday.

There are multiple ways to approach wellness in an organization. You can start by providing healthier food at the office. You can either start a gym at the office or offer membership discounts to employees.

You should also have an on-site doctor who visits during fixed hours and space for employees to rest if they feel sick. You can also organize regular health camps where you check the general health of all employees and offer them insights on how to be healthier.    

Be Inclusive

An inclusive workplace is always a happy workplace as every employee feels valued and seen. Not only do you need to hire diverse staff, but you must also provide diversity and inclusion training to all your employees from time to time so that they don’t end up offending someone unintentionally.

An inclusive workplace does not discriminate against people based on their race, skin color, age, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. When you have a diverse and inclusive organization, it benefits society as a whole.

Employees who work in a diverse workforce are better educated on dealing with people of various backgrounds. Not only are they less likely to make offensive remarks in office, but they are also less likely to do so outside the office as well.  

Bottom Line

Healthily growing your organization goes beyond concentrating purely on the work product. You have to create a satisfactory and engaging workplace culture where employees feel valued. The tips mentioned above should guide you in the right direction.

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