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5 Social Media Tools Every Blogger Should Use

Blogging is one of the hot-selling career options available in the competitive zone, which is comfortable but robust as well. But once you master it, you don’t need to worry about the future.

Not as a primary source of income but also many of the new age people are adopting it as a secondary source of earning money. While blogging doesn’t mean about winning chunks of money but providing information and values to the users. 

For connecting to the users and audiences, there are many platforms available like websites, blog posts, and social media. But social media is one of the platforms which is easy to use and convenient for sharing everything daily basis.

Once you start sharing your content through social media, you will be able to experience rapid growth. It needs not to say that social media works as a new age information sharing platform.

If you are a blogger or any internet marketer and yet, you are not using social media; then you are losing so much value, viewership, engagement for your content. 


Connecting to the user via social media increases the touch, provides easy communicate media, and much more. But there are many other tools that can help you to manage your social media presence. For many managing multiple social media profiles is a hectic job, yes! It is. But using these tools, it will be so much easier. 

This post will help you to know top social media tools, which key element is engagement, scheduling, and reporting. 

  • Engagement

Engaging with your audience is essential but using these listed tools, you can monitor all your social network messages and also engage with your audience.  You can get detailed reports on user engagement on your content.

  • Scheduling

Opening Facebook, Twitter, Instagram individually, and posting or scheduling posts is hectic take. But these tools will help you to schedule and recycle your content to each social network. If you want your regular users to get updated about your posts on their phone then we would recommend you to fmwhatsapp download.

  • Reporting

Every blogger and internet marketer looks at the result; these tools will help you get data related to your campaigns so that you can make data-driven decisions which will help you to optimize your content in a better way.

Let’s Explore them.

5 Social Media Tools That Can Help You In Social Media Marketing



It is one of the first social media tools used to manage all your social profiles from a single dashboard. Another best part about this tool is, it finds the best performing social content and schedule it automatically. Using Hootsuite, you can maintain your 24/7 presence on social media. You might discover much useful content in a day, but you know that you don’t have time to post them individually at different times. It is where Hootsuite will rescue you. You can use Hootsuite bulk post scheduler, and upload them as CSV format too. 


It is also another best social media management tool available in the market which highly gets recommended for agencies. But if you are an individual, then it will be beneficial for you too. You can schedule your content on pre-selected the date and time. Or you can also program your posts to run once every hour/day/week/month. About the reporting, it gets done automatically. You need to select the reporting time, and you can get a daily weekly, monthly reports. 


In Sensible, the priority inbox feature brings all social media messages to a single platform. There where you can quickly reply to them. You can use the auto poster, which takes a post from RSS feed and find the best post for your social media channels. Also, you can schedule bulk or individual post for your social media platforms. The predetermined multi-theme reporting system gives you in-depth reports of your social media reach and audience engagement. 

Sprout Social

Like other Sprout Social also has single-stream messaging features, you can send messages to multiple platforms from one place. Sprout Social allows to schedule, queue, and publish messages to each social network. And the Sprout’s ViralPost features find out the best message for you to maximize your social handle growth. 


It is also another best social media management tool available for both individual bloggers and enterprises. MavSocial lets you engage with the audience across all your social networks from one convenient inbox. You can create an advance auto-posting campaign in this tool for easy. The best part is the visual reporting system shows you all the engagement statistics, detailed follower insights, your top-performing posts, plus the best times for posting. 



If you are a blogger or any internet marketers, you need to take care of your social media handles very carefully. For your branding or product, it will be beneficial. For easing the system, these upper listed tools can help you automate the network and connect with your audience with no hassle. 

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