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15 Questions With Young Talented Sunny From TheGuideX

Howdy Geeks,Hope you all are doing well.I have come up with my first article from my Interview series[ in this series I will interact with the fellow bloggers and will reveal their success stories and will also post the discussion here on BlogsGeek]

Today we have Young Talented Sunny Kumar,An Indian Blogger and Developer with us Here on BlogsGeek. well want to tell you sunny is my friend also and we mostly used to discuss over the blogging and WordPress related stuffs.Apart from a blogger he is very social and a very kind friend. Always ready to help everyone.13533182_631754603644931_6639909643918253233_n

Well Firstly I Would Like to introduce his Blog – TheGuideX

TheGuideX is a multi-niche blog that mainly provides stuff and information Related To WordPress, SEO and Internet Marketing. You could check out the from here.

Now Let’s start the interview with the very first Question

Question 1: Mr.Sunny Please Introduce Yourself To Our Readers


Sunny:  I’m Sunny Kumar, A Passionate Blogger, SEO and Marketing Expert From Delhi, India. Apart it I’m a Student of IT Stream from IIT Dwarka. It’s My Passion To Share My Knowledge With Others and Make Them Earn Money Online.


Question 2: How You Entered In The Field Of Blogging?


Sunny: In The Field of Blogging?
Umm, It’s quite a good question..!
So One Day I’m searching for something on Google and find some links which redirect me to site, and the post is quite impressive, I start following it and it Harsh Agarwal is my idol.
I Want To gain popularity and want to try my luck in affiliate marketing, so I joined this filed and collect and provide all information to our user



Question 3: Apart From Blogging, What Other Things You Enjoy Doing ??


Sunny: Other Things.. Umm Probably I Love Reading, I’m a Writer and I Too write Short love Stories And Apart It Reading is my hobby, I Love reading novels on WordPad


Question 4: How You Decided The Niche of Your Blog TheGuideX ?


Sunny: I’ve decided to post about the things that help our user to gain or to create a online brand.. And I Saw… Many of Indian users don’t know how to Earn money online and all.. they think it’s a hard process.. Where’s in America, About 35-45% of people’s have their blog and even many of them earn much with their blog..

So In TheGuideX, I’ve focused on Earning Money Online, and how to earn and my all content specially dedicated to my Indian users.


Question 5: What Knowledge or Experience Do You Have In Your Niche ??


Sunny: Actually I’m Too a Newbie… I Don’t Know That Much… But I Think That The Knowledge I Have is Sufficient To Share with Our User, I’ve 2 Years of experience in my blogging career, I’ve started a blog and it’s gotta Viral in few days…! By The Way as about my knowledge I’ve all knowledge that sufficient to share and it too facilitate others to Derive huge Traffic on Their Website or blog


Question 6: What Are Your Goals for Your Blog?


Sunny: My Main Goal is That I Only Want Indian Peoples To Grow Their Business Online, Create a new Brand. And For My Blog, I Just Peoples To Know About My Blog in Common Word “a brand”,


Question 7: What Other Blogs Have You Written For or Do You Currently Write For?


Sunny: Actually I’m Currently Working on a Project of Developing a PPC Based Advertising Network, And I’ve Contributed to Various Website Like Lifehack, HuffingtonPost, And Some Other Blogs, And Help Other Peoples To Grow Their Website Too.

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Question 8: What Is Your Opinion About Blogging? People Might Think That Making Money Through Blog Is Quite Easy. What Do You Think?


Sunny: Easy? I Wouldn’t Say It is Easy, It depends on you and your ability..! Starting blog is not hard but maintaining a blog is quite difficult, I just told newbies Blogger that don’t lose your hope and work hard


Question 9: According To You, What Are The Most Lucrative Methods Of Blog Monetization?


Sunny: I Think You’ve To Go With Affiliate Marketing… It’s Probably A Good Thing To Start a Blog…! You’ll Earn Much More Commission Then Using Google Adsense..! But Apart you Can Use Both of Them To Earn Some Extra Bucks.


Question 10: Time Management Is The Biggest Concern For A Blogger. How Do You Manage Your Time And Strike A Perfect Balance Between Studies And Blogging?


Sunny: Actually Maintaining Time is not difficult for me, as you know I’m an IT Student and I mostly use the Internet to learn new things, even if you’re a Blogger you’ve to use social networking sites too… So I think time management is not that much hard to me…!

Question 11: Do You Know Why Most Of The Newbie Bloggers Fail?


Sunny: Yes, Probably Because They Lose Their Interest in Some Week…! It’s too Happened With My Friend If we can’t Get any Profit then we lose our interest and think to start some other work or another website.

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Question 12: What Methods You Are Using For Driving Traffic To Your Blog?


Sunny: Umm as my blog is too about seo and SMM, so it’s not hard for me to Derive Traffic, I’m Using Facebook and other social networking sites and I’m active on Quora and Reddit… It facilitate huge Traffic on site. and apart it my site too receive 25% of organic Traffic Through Google


Question 13: Which Tools Do You Use For The Betterment Of Your Blog ??


Sunny: I’m Using SEMRush SEO Tool and Google Keyword Planner, Even apart it I’m using Google trend and have compared some other blog with mine and their keywords too

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Question 15: Which Blogs/Resources Would You Recommend To Our Readers For Improving Their Blogs ??


Sunny: What Resources You Want if You’ve Google?

Anyways I’ll Recommend Them

  • Too


Question 16: What Message or Tips Would You Like To Give To My Readers ??


Sunny: I’ll Just Tell Them Not To Lose Their Hope if Their Blog is Not Receiving Traffic or You Don’t Earn Any Money Yet…!

Earning Money is Not Just a Thing To Start a Blog, Sharing Your Knowledge With Them is Quite More Important Then Earning Money… There Are A lot Of things you’ll too get if you don’t earn much from your blog like you’ll get fame, and who don’t want fame?

who don’t want that people’s know them by their name and their work..! You’ll get both of them. So Keep Trying and don’t Lost Your hope.

Motto: “Success is before work only in the dictionary.”

I think you all had surely enjoyed the interview with Mr. Sunny.

Have some questions ?? Don’t wait, Ask it right now !! Comment below and Sunny will be pleased to answer you.

We will come up with another Interview with some Awesome blogger in the industry and will Publish their secret tools and money-making ways here only on BlogsGeek

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