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6 Tips For Writing SEO Friendly Articles

Every blogger wants to build a successful,high-traffic blog.Don’t You ?

Blogging comprises of two steps,one is content production and the second one is content marketing. while both these are very tough jobs. specially for beginners who are new to blogging .

Creating a unique content is a typical job as you have to find ideas on which you have to write .but content marketing is more tougher than that.

Nowadays best way for content marketing is search engine optimization generally called as SEO. all what you have to do is to make your blog google friendly. i mean search engine friendly.

Most of the bloggers found it difficult to make their blog SEO Friendly,while for some it’s a left hand job.

Today i am going to give some tips to write seo friendly content specially for beginners i.e newbie bloggers.

6 Tips For Writing SEO Friendly Articles

In this article,i will point out the basic things you must notice and change in your blog articles to make them seo friendly,the more they are SEO friendly,the more traffic you get and the more revenue you make.Read the below article carefully on 6 Tips for Newbie Bloggers write seo friendly articles.

First Factor – Content & Length of your Article

While writing, be careful . you are writing for people not for google crawlers. i mean don’t try to make your content more complex.try to use shorter sentences.

People recommend those articles which they found easier to understand, so make the content as simpler as you can.

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Your articles must contain 300+ words,its the minimum requirement for search engines in order to rank a blog.

I would recommend you to write longer contents,google gives priority to the lengthy and quality articles. try to write 1000+ words article.

As said earlier,always maintain the quality of your content. Don’t Copy. Google Hates Copying.

Tip For Newbies

Write Articles containing 500+ words and Don’t Copy.

Try to make your content simpler and use shorter sentences.


Second Factor – URL Length

URL [Uniform Resource Locator ] Length is also the factor while search engines rank a blog.

shorter url contents are given more preference with the contents containing lengthy URL.

Tips For Newbies

Try to shorten your content url lengths [ you could edit it while writing contents in wordpress ].

Change your permalinks structure to the simplest


Third Factor – Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions are the short intro about your content in the search engine rankings which shows a glimpse of your content to the visitor in search results.

Always try to write good and convincing meta descriptions which will help you increase the CTR.

Place your keywords wisely in the meta descriptions.

Better and convincing meta descriptions are given more preference by the visitors.

Tips for Newbies

Write convincing and influencing meta descriptions.

Use your keywords wisely while writing meta descriptions,don’t over use them.

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Fourth Factor – Internal Linking

Internal linking is also a crucial factor for ranking a blog higher in search give preference to the articles with high number of internal linking.

One best example is Wikipedia , you could find hundreds of internal links in the Wikipedia articles. it is one of the reason behind the higher ranking.

For bloggers, you must give links to your previous articles and related articles. it will also help you to reduce your bounce rate and page views per visitor.

Tips For Newbies

Try to maximize the internal linking.

Try to link Related and Relevant content.


Fifth Factor – Headlines Of Your Content

Yes,you heard it right!! Headlines are also considered while ranking a blog. the more suitable headlines you have ,the more preference you will get.

Be careful while writing headlines,try to write convincing headlines.

Don’t make your Headlines simpler, writing convincing and unique headlines will attract more visitors.

Use H1,H2,H3 tags in your content and put proper keywords in it.

Tips For Newbies

Try to write Catchy and convincing Headlines.

Use your keywords in H1, H2, H3 Tags.

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Sixth Factor – Backlinks

It’s one of the major factor while ranking a blog, backlinks determine the quality of content.

Backlinks ( an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website) are also known as referring urls.

Make more number of backlinks,but wait make quality backlinks .

Always try to make proper backlinks with sites have Good Domain Authority.

Tips For Newbies

Create Custom backlinks to your every content.

You Could make backlinks by commenting on other blogs  and forums. Quora is also a best way to generate backlinks.

Ending Up

Well ,In this article i have completely pointed out the basics one should notice while writing content.i had pointed out factors and given special tips for newbie bloggers.every newbie blogger must check these 6 Tips For Writing SEO Friendly Articles . If you liked it,share it with your friends.

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    Nive post but you can add some more things like use images and video to increase time per page and improve google rank

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    Excellent post I really liked it. Its always good to write an article for users than writing it for bots. With Google giving importance to concepts like semantic search, articles focused on providing better user experience are more inclined to rank on serach engines.

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