How To Be Safe On Facebook

How To Be Safe On Facebook ? [ Steps And Precautions ]

Day By Day More And More People Are Joining The World Wide Web And specially they Are Joining Facebook The World Largest social Networking site. They Are Pleased To Use That And It should Be Also As The Feeling On Using Internet For The First Time Is Great And Can’t Be Explained. I Also Remember The Feeling When I Used The Internet For The First Time When I Was In Class 6 , That Feeling Was Awesome But Beware That With Growth Of Technology Growth Of Online Crimes Usually Known As Cyber Crimes Has Also Grown And You Can’t Know When And How You Could Be A Victim Of Those Cyber Attackers. We Are sharing some Tips On How To Be Safe On Facebook.

In This Article We Will Cover Up All Those Points And Measures By Which You Could Be safe While Using Facebook And These All Points Are Based On Our self Experience And On some Case studies.

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This Article Does’t Tends To Categorize Facebook As Harm Full To Use But It Will Make You Learn The smart Ways By Which You Could Be safe On Facebook, Using Facebook Is Not Bad . It Entertains Us , Connect Us to Our Friends Globally And Also It Is Growing As The Main stream Media On The Internet As A Information Becomes More Viral Through Facebook Than That Of The Other social Networking sites And Micro Blogging sites Like Twitter And Reddit.

Let Us start Our Article On How To Be safe On Facebook And We Will Post some steps And Precautions By Applying Those You Could Use Facebook safely On The Internet.

How To Be Safe On Facebook

1. Increase Your Facebook Account security

Yes, The First Thing You Must Do Is To secure Your Account As More As You Can . It Does’t Means That You Make Your Password Long But it Means That Activate Double security In Your Facebook Account. Facebook Offers Great security Features As Facebook Code Generator , Login Approvals , Valid sessions To Increase The security Of You Facebook Account And To Make Your Facebook Account safe From Un Authorized  Access. I Would Recommend You To Activate Facebook Code Generator As It Offers An OTP [ one time password ] To Login From A Unknown Browser Or Location .

For Example : You Usually Uses You Facebook Account In Your Mobile But When You Will Try To Login To Your Facebook Account From A New Device That Is Unknown To Facebook Then Facebook Will Ask You For Your Code Generated By Facebook Code Generator Or If You Don’t Have The Code Than You Could Login By Getting An OTP On Your Mobile Number . This Will Prevent Your Account From Being Used By Unknown People .

2. Update Your Facebook Account

In Many Cases , Facebook Blocks Your Account To Prevent It By Being Used By Another People. This situation Occurs When You Or somebody Tries To Login To Your Facebook Account By Wrong Passwords. After A Fixed Number Of Chances You Facebook Account Is Being Blocked Temporarily By Facebook And If You Want To Activate Your Facebook Account Again Then You Must Have To Confirm Your Facebook Account By Entering The Registered Email ID, By Confirming You Email/Mobile Number By OTP Or By Confirming The Pictures Of Your Friend Generally Known As Photo Verification . so We Must Advice You To Make Your Facebook Account Updated by Providing Correct Email Address And Mobile Numbers so On time Of Verification You Could Easily Pass The Verification Process And Can Get Your Facebook Account Back.

3. Don’t Accept Friend Requests From Unknown Profiles

Yeah,It Is The Main Policy Of The Facebook And It Recommends You Not To Accept Invitations And Friend Requests From Unknown People . sometimes By Accepting Unknown Profiles On Facebook Becomes Very Dangerous For You. You Images , Check Ins And status Can Become Viral Or You Contact Details Can Be Used In Wrong Way By The Unknown Profiles. It’s Mainly For The Girls They Must Not Accept Friend Requests And Invitations From Unknown People As The situation Can Be Go More Critical And We Thinks You Must Be Aware Of The Cyber Crimes Going On In The Facebook World .

4. Don’t Click On Unknown Links/URLs

In The Present Time , The Most Used,Easy And Viral Ways Of Hacking A Facebook Profile Is Phishing And The People Who Are Unaware Of This Got’s Trapped And Get Their Account Hacked . You Must Have seen In Your News Feed Or In Public Groups On Facebook Posted As “Click Here To Get Free Recharge”,”Click Here To Hack Your Friend Facebook Account ” E.t.c Offers . so Beware Of Those Links Actually Those Links Are Webpages Designed Exactly As Facebook Login Page And When You Will Click On That Link Than You Will Be Redirected To A New Page Asking To Confirm Your Account Or To Login First . Don’t Input Your Credentials On That Fake Pages Or Any Unknown Pages. When You Enter Your Details On That Fake Facebook Page Than The Developer Of That Page Will Get Your Email Password And Can Use Them To Login To Your Facebook Profile.

One More Thing I Would Like To share With All Of You That Nowadays In some Public Groups/ Any Groups . some Porn Links Are Posted . Don’t Click On That Links As When You Will Open That Link Than The same Post Will Be shared/posted By Your Behalf On Facebook. Beware Of This spams And Block The spam Profiles And Posts.

5. Don’t Disobey Facebook Policies

Facebook Had Made Policies On The Use Of Facebook And To Give You A Better Experience On Facebook. First Of All Facebook Hates spam And He Blocks Or Permanently Deletes The Profiles That Are Found To Be Posting spam On Facebook Along With spam Facebook Also Hates Unwanted software,Malware , scripts To Use Facebook For Example : Facebook Hates To Use Auto Liker scripts To Get Unlimited Likes On Facebook, Auto Post , Auto Comments And All Those Unwanted Actions Which Are Considered Wrong On Facebook , For The First Time Facebook Gives You A Chance And Blocks You From Performing some Certain Actions For Few Days .

Below Are some Certain Precautions To Be safe From Facebook Ban Policy

  • Don’t Post spam on Facebook.
  • Don’t send more Friend Requests To Unknown People In 1 Day.[ send limited friend requests daily ]
  • Don’t Join A Number Of Group On Facebook In One Day . [ try to join only 8-10 Groups Daily ]
  • Don’t Use More Auto Liker Bots .[ try to use auto liker 3-4  times a day ]

What If You Had Not Followed The Precautions ? Facebook Will Block Your Account For Temporarily Time And It Can Be Re-Gained By Passing Photo Verification Or By Confirming You Facebook Account . Don’t Know How To Bypass Facebook Verification Process . Just Check Out Below

      How To Bypass Facebook Photo Verification Process

Ending Up

Facebook Is  A Great Feature Of World Wide Web And It Must Be Used In A Positive Way And Its Negative Ways should Be Prevented, I Mean That  Today Everyone Have A Facebook Profile But They Must Know How To Use It In A Better Way And How To Be safe On Facebook. It Could Be Easily Used By Everyone By taking some Precautions on Facebook. We Had shared As Best As We Can If You Think I Had Missed A Point Than Please Let Us Know By Commenting Below.

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