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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners:A Complete Guide

As a blogger everybody wants to Monetize their blogs so that they can also have a income along with their hobby, most of the bloggers mainly use Google Adsense To Monetize Their Blog ,Other Uses Chitika And similar PPC Advertising Platforms to Earning money with their blogs but What Matters in PPC Advertising Platforms Are That You Can’t Earn A Massive Income. All Depends On Your Traffic The More Traffic You Have,The More Earning You Will Receive No Matter What Your Visitors Are Interested In.But For Those Who Want To Earn According To Them I Mean Massive Then The Answer Would Be Affiliate Marketing.  Yeah Affiliate Marketing And Today We Are Writing A Complete Article On Affiliate Marketing By Which Anyone Could Earn A Passive Income Every Month.

In Case Of Many Newbie Bloggers ,They Quit Their Blogging Career As Their Adsense Account Got Rejected Or They Have Been Band From Using Adsense In Case Of Going Against Their Terms And Conditions.But One Thing I Would Tell You That Blogging Never Ends . It Is All About Getting New Ideas Over The Web . In Case Of Rejection Of Adsense Account . Don’t Panic Just Get One Of Its Best Alternative From Which You Could Earn More Than That . Blogging Is Not Just With Adsense And If You Will Choose Affiliate Marketing As A Alternative Then surely You Are Going To Earn Far Better Than Adsense Because They Don’t Have A Pay-Per-Click strategy And Will Pay You On Each Referral/sale They Will Get From You .

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners
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Advantages of using Affiliate Marketing

  • You Don’t Have To Apply A Form Which Will Be Reviewed Within 24 Hours And You Will Get Approval, But In Affiliate Marketing You Can start Your Affiliate Promotion Just After Registering Yourself.
  • Traffic Does’t Matter Much And You Are Not Bounded By Terms And Conditions As You Were Bounded In Advertising Networks.
  • No Matter How Much Posts And Traffic You Have,You Can Also Refer Your Friends Directly And Whenever A sale Is Made Then You Will Instantly Get A Commission
  • Commission Rates Are Much Higher In Comparison With Advertising Networks.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

In The Starting When I Heard About Affiliate Marketing Back In 2012 Then Really I Did’t Know What An Affiliate Marketing Means. I started To Crawl Google About Affiliate Marketing ,Got To Know What An Affiliate Marketing Is But What I Did’t Found Was An Exact Article By Which I Could Earn Through Affiliate Marketing And This Is Only The Reason Why I Had started My Affiliate Marketing In 2014. I Just Check Out All The strategies And Ways A Blogger Could Make Money With Affiliate Marketing . I Had Also Checked some Of The Successfull  Affiliates But Along With That Also Checked The Stories Of The Failed Affiliates. What I Got To Know About The Mistakes We Have To Avoid While Working With Affiliate Networks But For You It Will Be Very Easy To Earn With Affiliate Marketing With Our Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing-An Introduction

Affiliate Marketing Is The Way Or Process In Which We Are Promoting The Products Of Affiliate Network Through Online Or Offline And Whenever The Affiliate Network Gets A Sale Or Purchase With Our Reference Or Affiliate Link Or Referring Link Then The Referrer Will Be Given A Fixed Percentage Of Commission From The sale The Affiliate Networks Get.In Other Words The Process Of Referring Anything Is Known As Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners
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How Much Can I Earn With Affiliate Marketing?

You Could Earn A Lot From Affiliate Marketing, All Depends How Smartly You Promotes The Affiliate Product With Your Affiliate Link . There Are A Lot Of Affiliate Networks That Pays More Than 50% Of The Commission And Upto 125$ Per Sale. One Of The Example Is The HostGator Affiliate Network Which Pays You As High As 125$ Per Sale And Smart Affiliate Marketers Are Earning A Lot From HostGator Affiliate Marketing.

How Can I Join Affiliate Networks?

There Are Different Ways To Join Affiliate Networks And You Could Find Out The Affiliate Networks By Searching It On The Web. Currently I Am Working With BlueHost ,HostGator,DreamHost And ShareASale Affiliate Networks And I Could Guide You On How To Join Affiliate Networks Within 2 Minutes.

For Joining HostGator Affiliate Marketing Click Here And Tap In Sign Up And Fill Out The Form Carefully And Start Managing Campaigns And Referring The HostGator Services With Your Refer Link And Make Massive Income Online.

As I Love The HostGator Affiliate Network And That’s Why I Recommend And Use It More Than I Refer Other But It’s Your Choice What You Like To Refer .I Mean Which Affiliate Network You Want To Join And Promote .I Would Recommend You To Use HostGator Or BlueHost Affiliate Networks If You Are Referring A Hosting And Domain Products.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

In The Present Time, Every Company/Product Have An Affiliate System For Affiliate Marketers Which You Could Join and Earn Through . You Could Also Discover Some Great Products With High Commission Rates . One Trick I Want To Give You To Search For An Affiliate Network Of A Brand Or Company Name That Is Type “Company Name + Affiliate” On Google And Get The Affiliate Network In Front Of You.

You Must Be Thinking That If You Want To Promote More Products And Want To Earn Huge Then You Have To Join Each Affiliate One by One Which Will Be A Great Headache .Here Is The solution ,There Are Few Affiliate Network Which Allows You To Promote Other Affiliate Products . In simple words , There Are some Agents Between Us And Affiliate Network . These Agents Can Give Us Affiliate Products Of Others By Joining These Agents . some Of Those Are Commission Junction And ShareASale.

What is ShareASale?

ShareASale Is A Affiliate Market Place where You Will Thousands Of Affiliate Merchants With Their Products Their To Promote ,They Have A Variation In The Commission Rates And The Main Merit Of This Is That You Could simple Choose Any Of Those Thousand Affiliates To Work With Without Joining The Affiliate Merchants Separately.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners



How To Promote And Earn With Affiliate Marketing?

It Is Necessary To Understand About Promotiong  and Object As There Are Various Options Where You Can Earn When You Promote A product Of An Advertiser As Well As Even If They Will Click On Your Unique Affiliate Link Then Also You Will Get paid

Almost All The Merchants Will Pay You Once They Will Get A Sale Through Your Link But Some Merchants Will Also Pay You For Visiting Their Site,Clicking Their Ads and Impressions. Promotion Is the Most Main work Of An Affiliate Leader  Many Of Them Also Promote The Products Through their Blogs ,Website, PPC Programs As Well Writing An Article on The Merchants Product And Making Reviews Of The Merchant Products As Well As Promoting Through Social media Like Twitter,Facebook,Orcut,Google+ .etc.


Example: HostGator Affiliate Program

After Registering with HostGator affiliate program simple Log In to the dashboard section of your affiliate account where in the top middle section of the page you will see your Affiliate URL link which you have to promote by various ways,the best way to promote is by writing Reviews about the affiliate product as people need the best product. specify all the merits of the the product in your Review Post and then attach your Affiliate Link with that , so whenever any visitor clicks on Your Link and purchase anything than you will be paid 50$ per sale And if you will give more sales to HostGator then the commission rates per sale can go up to 125$.

Affiliate Marketing For BeginnersAs i already told that I have been using HostGator,BlueHost And Commission Junction Affiliate Networks for me but it’s not necessary that you should also have to use the same. you could find out new high commission affiliate networks in the web and earn More.

Conclusion : Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing : A Complete Guide For Beginners , I had my best efforts in this article I Had tried to cover each and every aspect about Affiliate Marketing And Also Detailed About How To Promote, How To Join And How To Earn From Affiliate Marketing And I Hope My Efforts Had Helped You Out In Earning From Affiliate Marketing.However If I Missed A Point Please Don’t Hesitate To Mention It In The Below section.

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  • Kevin Lowe

    When I read this story I was reminded of my journey to success as an affiliate marketer.
    When I first started, all I wanted was to set up a website to make extra income. However, I didn’t know the first thing about doing that or anything else related to internet marketing, for that matter.

    Over the years, I’ve learned from many different sources about how to build a website, draw traffic to it, find the best keywords, and write copy.

    Through much trial and error, I can say that I now make a full time income as an affiliate marketer.

    Even though I bought many of the popular courses and tried out what most of the well known “gurus” have to offer, I honestly have to say that what helped me out the most was a resource that many of you might not have heard of.

  • Anthony Miller

    Great insights about affiliate marketing. It is very hard to sell products along with competent marketers and your video is very helpful specially for new marketers. Thanks for sharing.

  • Manoj kusshwaha

    Thanks aditya for such a great experience i have launched health blog and i was searching for that kind of article. Now i know much about affilitae marketing. Your article is easy to understand. Thanks bro.

  • charan

    Am a blogger & making income from different sources. But never tried any affiliate marketing, after observed the pro bloggers income and earnings method most of them the main sources is from affiliate marketing. So, i decided to start a fresh a complete affiliate blog on hostings and servers, But i learned some good tips on promote the products. Thanks for sharing and the post is really helped me.

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