What Is On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO: The Perfect Approach to Website Page Optimization

If you are a business owner, web developer, or SEO enthusiast, there is a lot that you need to know about on-page SEO. I will also take some insights on SEO from Aditya Vikram, Who is the Co-Founder of Make My India Online and a successful SEO Entrepreneur from India.

I already covered a lot about Search Engine Optimization and its basics in my earlier article. Let’s move on to the next more segment of SEO i.e On-Page SEO.

On-page SEO is like Captain Marvel. Well, I’m a Marvel fan. I mean it because On-page SEO can help you boost your rankings without working more on off-page sometimes.

I’ve personally experienced such cases, In which I was ranked higher just because I did the on-page SEO of my website better than my competitors. Search engine always looks up for the relevant & proper content that satisfies the user intent.


In 2019, SEO is all about relevancy & fulfilling the user intent. If your content is relevant to the user keyword intent. You’re gonna make it to the top of search rankings.

Let’s know a bit about On-Page SEO and the factors you must pay attention.

On-page SEO is all about optimizing your web pages for the user. It includes everything that could make a web page better and relevant to the user. Like proper formatting, Keyword placement, Meta tags, Page loading time, user experience and many more counting.

How To Do A Proper On-Page SEO?

Before you start the enhancement journey, it is good to know that on-site SEO enhancement looks into enhancing many components of a website at once. It may sound complicated, but SEO experts with enough experience can help you do it in a simplified way. Here is how to go about on-page optimization.

Make Your Website User-Friendly


Before going any further, the first step is to make the website user-friendly. You do not want to miss mobile optimization now that a larger number of people are using mobile phones to browse.

Its 2019, 90% of internet users are mobile users. So make sure your website is mobile friendly. Even Google also stated that they will give more priority to the websites which are more mobile friendly and user-friendly.

A good website loads fast and has interesting themes. Videos and images can increase the loading latency if they are too heavy while lighter ones can be unattractive to the audience.

This means that there must be a balance between the size and how likely they are to maintain a high loading speed. If you’re using WordPress then you can use these WordPress Plugins to make your website responsive.

Content Optimization


As mentioned earlier, on-page optimization involves working on many concepts of a site. Optimizing the content is one of them. Most people who have dealt with websites already know that content is king. This means high-quality text that makes sense to the reader and makes Google happy. Lately, they have shown interest in the detailed text that is rich in keywords.

According to SEO Analytics, experts who are highly experienced in on-page optimization, both keywords, and phrases that are well-researched are important. When handling both keywords and phrases, you need to consider both local and international ones depending on your target market.

Work on Keywords and Phrases


Keywords and phrases play a significant role in SEO. In fact, most people know this as the main concept in enhancing a website. Before writing any text, it is important to research trending words and phrases and come up with an organic way to incorporate them.

You need to know the value of each keyword and phrase so that you will know how many times to use them. There are numerous tools that you can use to achieve this with ease.

Also, You must be very conscious while using keywords in your articles. Don’t try keyword stuffing. Means using the keywords multiple times in your article. This practice worked way back in 2009-2010. Never ever do this.

The search engines have evolved a lot and can penalize you for such actions. There are a lot of more Google Ranking Factors that can affect your website rankings in Google

Tracking the Results


Google Analytics and other similar tools are the perfect solutions when you want to monitor the effectiveness of SEO enhancement efforts that you have made. They are always active and live to give the current situation at any given time. But what is the purpose of monitoring?

Google and other search engines change their strategies depending on many factors. With live monitoring, you can know when things are not going the way they are supposed to be. On the other hand, you can know which on-page optimization strategies are working well and those that are not working. Therefore, you will have an easy time understanding what you are doing.


On-page optimization is the trending digital marketing strategy that brings traffic to a website, promotes a product, and enhances the ranking on Google. It is detailed and touches different areas that are related. Therefore, it is a good concept to understand and perform properly.


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