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All You Need To Know About A Perfect Landing Page

It is all about the first impression! Isn’t it? Landing pages will be the first encounter of the prospective clients and customers with your products or services. Details will matter quite much when it comes to getting and keeping their attention and interest. Therefore, beautiful landing pages are crucial for any type of advertisement for your company. More than 80% of people search for products and services online and there will be many options for them to choose from. Make sure your story and design win them over by following the characteristics of a good landing page.landing pages

The landing page may be your homepage or a separate one dedicated just for this purpose. Having a separate page as a landing one may help your presentation of a certain product or service in a clean, understanding and altogether great way.  Look for the best case practice in your industry for getting some ideas. If you are looking for help from the professionals, a moving business development team that can help you achieve your goals and improve your online presence, there are those that are always glad to help out.

Creating a great landing page – All you need to know

First of all, you need to know that there is no such thing as a perfect landing page. This is so due to the fact that different focus groups will have various opinions about your branding, use of words etc. However, following a few characteristics of a good landing page, you can create a great, high-converting one:

  • The landing page structure and copy text.
  • A great headline is one of the most important characteristics of a good landing page.
  • A call to action button.
  • The photos and colors. 
  • Your credibility, testimonials, and other trust signals. beautiful landing page

What is your landing page going to look like?

The structure is the most important part of creating any content, whether it is a blog or social media post or a landing page. Also, creating a good sitemap will help your readers get around your website or blog in the future. When creating the structure of your landing page the most important thing is to organize the flow of information properly. Keep in mind that there is a possibility not a big number of people will actually see the whole page. Therefore, put some thought into what should go on the top and what in the bottom of your landing page. What do you want people to see first? Should it be the call-to-action button? What are the best features of your services or products?

One of the most important characteristics of a good landing page is that it easy to read and digest. Therefore, your text needs to be right to the point. Avoid long sentences and too many text blocks. Be concise. You can always look for some of the landing page templates online like Unbounce to help you create the structure. Separate the sections clearly in order to make your landing page easy to read and understand. 

The importance of a good headline

The headline is most likely the very first thing people will see on your landing page. Considering that not all of them will read the whole page, creating a good headline should be a priority. Use the headline to explain why people should use your product or services. What are the best features? If you are creating a landing page for a specific offer, state the discount in the headline.

Call-to-action button – one of the important characteristics of a good landing page

The goal of any landing page is the conversion. Therefore, having a clear call call-to-action button is an important characteristic. Sometimes, it may also be a great idea, differing from the structure, to put the button at the top of your landing page. Whatever the goal might be, contacting you, downloading or purchasing a product, an obvious call-to-action button will help your landing page greatly.  However, overdoing it, with many different buttons may be confusing. Therefore, keep it clean and simple.

Using appropriate photos and colors is essential 

Most people tend to react better to posts with photos rather than the ones without them. However, using photos that won’t represent your products in the best way can be equally harmful. Therefore, pay a close attention when choosing the visual aspects of your landing page. Your photos and colors should be used to inform and call landing page

Less is more! Don’t clutter your landing page with too many photos or colors. Your landing page needs to be easy on the eyes and not make people glaze over it. The actual photos you use, differ from your target audience and goals. There are many online sources you can use for downloading the photos that are free for commercial use. However, when it comes to creating a landing page, we strongly suggest you don’t use the photos that might already be out there. Invest in having quality photos of your products and services, or buy some online.

The color you use, should as well, be appropriate. They should go along with the story and other visual aspects. They need to be pleasant to look and help point out the most important parts of your landing page, such as call-to-action button and headline. Make sure the colors match your brand and can be associated with your other online presentations and profiles.

How to convince the landing page visitors to trust you?

Well, that is a tough one! However, adding some additional, characteristics of a good landing page, may just help you do that. Verification logos and trust seals and images will add to your credibility. Therefore, make sure you state out the ones you have. People tend to trust more if they hear other people opinions and recommendations. Therefore,  testimonials from your previous customers or endorsements are another great way to show confidence and reliability.  Numbers of users or shares can also be a helpful feature to add to your landing page.

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