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WPForms: Best Alternative to Google Forms in 2020?

Ever created an online form landing page? I guess you must have used Google Forms to make such forms online. But, Wait Do you ever thought of creating such forms in your WordPress website.

I’m pretty sure you must have a tough time finding a great tool to make quick and easy forms in your WordPress website. Because of most of the form layouts are controlled by WordPress themes. That’s why most of the webmasters use Google Forms to make forms.

You need a solid, impressive & distraction free landing pages for your website to get more form conversions. It will play a major role in converting a normal visitor into a customer. If you’re not getting enough form conversions then you’re loosing out money & hard work that you spend on bringing those users on your website.

I’m gonna share with you the best alternative to Google Forms and a great tool to create forms quickly in your WordPress website. Form Pages by WPForms is out now and It is considered to be the first ” Distraction Free” form landing page in WordPress. It is the best solution to improve your lead conversion forms.

What Is Form Pages By WPForms?

WPForms is a very popular WordPress plugin that is used to create elegant & responsive forms in WordPress website. I’ve already written tutorials on using WPForms to create some amazing forms in your WordPress website.  Using WPForms, You can even create Survey Forms in WordPress.

Form Pages is an Add-on which is recently launched by WPForms team. It enabled you to create distraction-free landing form pages that can help you increase your form conversion rate on your Website.

In short, WPForms is a complete package with which you can create any type of forms & pages. Isn’t it cool to have everything in one tool?


Why Form Pages For WPForms Is The Best Alternative To Google Forms?

If you’ve been using Google Forms for a long time you must have faced some limitations and problems. Let’s know more about how Form Pages For WPForms is better than Google Forms.


The design customization of Google Forms is very much limited. You can’t customize the full form and that’s a big negative point for Google Forms. Whereas with WPForms, You can easily design the form landing page irrespective of the theme layout. You can make the design look more formal so that it can be used for multiple purposes.

Form Pages by WPForms
Source- WPForms


Form pages created by using WPForms can be integrated with multiple third-party applications making it much easier to analyze and use data. You can easily integrate email marketing tools as well as payment gateways by using Form Pages by WPForms.


Key Features Of Form Pages By WPForms

  • Distraction Free Landing Pages
  • Multiple Styles
  • Custom Color Schemes
  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • Customer Support


How Form Pages Can Help You?

WPForms has been contributing to WordPress with their great tools. You don’t need multiple plugins to create different forms. WPForms is all you need and with the “Form Pages For WPForms” It is now more easy to quickly create custom landing form pages. WPForms can help you a lot in similar ways.

WPForms can help you in:

Lead Generation- You can get leads from your webpage by making people subscribe to your email list by creating a quick newsletter form within minutes.

Conducting Survey- Looking for creating survey sites? or Looking to collect feedback from your users?  WPForms will be the best option to create survey forms in WordPress using different add-ons. It’ll help to collect data efficiently for your business analysis.

Events- You can also create RSVP forms in your website with WPForms. It’ll be useful if you’re having some events, conferences or meetups. It’ll become more easy to invite people with RSVP forms on your website.

Collecting Payments- As mentioned earlier, You can easily Integrate WPForms with PayPal & Stripe to receive payments from your leads & customers. You don’t need to hassle for integrating your website with payment gateways.

User Registration- Create user registration forms by using WPForms Form Pages and start getting users registered on your website. It’s going to be a powerful tool for you If you’re having or planning to create membership sites in WordPress.


If you’re really serious about increasing your form conversion rates then you should get the WPForms Pro plan now.


Ending Up

Form Pages by WPForms is a great alternative to Google Forms in 2019 and I’m pretty sure you’ll love using WPForms. Form Pages by WPForms is available in the pro version. Along with it, you’ll get a lot of other add-on features of WPForms with the pro license.

Make sure to drop a comment below describing your experience with WPForms.



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