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WPForms Survey & Polls Add-on: Complete Review

Looking for creating a survey form on your WordPress website? I’ve got something super cool for you. Recently I have already shared a tutorial on setting up newsletter form using WPForms. In this Article, I would be sharing with you the new survey form feature in WPForms WordPress Plugin.

With using WPForms Survey and Polls Add-on you can collect data from your website audience. This data can help you analyze your business as well as users to improve your product & services.

WPForms is a WordPress Form Builder plugin that offers a wide range of features to create multiple forms like contact forms, newsletter forms and a lot more. You can easily build responsive forms using their drag & drop form builder.

A lot of users asked for the Survey Forms & Polls add-on in WPForms and Finally, WPForms have launched the Survey & Polls feature in their awesome form builder plugin.

You should know how this feature can help you and your WordPress website.

How Survey Forms Can Help You In Your Business?

Survey forms are a great way to collect potential data from the target audience in your business. This will help you in many ways from understanding the market to improving your product. You can analyze the data and can use it in multiple ways.

Let’s know some reasons how WPForms Survey Feature can help you:

Understanding Your Audience

If you own a business then the first thing you need is to get to know about your users and customers. Using Survey Forms, You can collect data from your users and then you can understand your audience. Their likes, their requirements as well as other data too.

These data will help you in placing your product at the right time. You can also analyze these data’s to plan up your marketing strategy to achieve your business objectives.

Many leading corporates still conduct surveys to collect data from their customers. Then Why Don’t You?

Collecting Feedback

Feedback is an important part of the business. It helps you in knowing your product/service from the user perspective. With these Survey forms, you can collect feedback from your customers about your brand.

You can use the data to improve your product services for your users.

Measuring The Improvement

The data which you collect using these forms can also use to measure your improvement, your success as well as failure. Collecting data at a certain interval can help you to compare both the data to get the positive or negative graph in your business.



How WPForms Survey & Polls Add-on Is Different From Others?

There are a lot more similar plugins that offer you to create surveys like SurveyMonkey but I have a lot of reasons which makes WPForms better than other WordPress plugins that helps you in building survey forms.

Let’s know some features of WPForms Survey & Polls Add-on which keeps it ahead of other players.

Smart Survey Fields

This is an amazing feature of the WPForms plugin which can help you save time in designing the survey forms. You can convert existing designed forms into survey forms by enabling the survey option in the builder.

It means you don’t have to design the whole form again and again. Just a click and your survey form are complete. All the existing fields in the forms will be automatically converted into survey fields.

That’s why It’s called Smart Survey Fields

Ease Of Use

WPForms has made it super easy for everyone to design and set up different forms in your WordPress website. It’s easy to use interface can help a non-tech savvy guy also in creating responsive survey forms as well as polls.

It has a clean and clear user interface which you’ll not get in other plugins out there.

Better Reporting

Reporting is made simpler by adding the Survey & Polls add-on in the WPForms form builder plugin. WPForms have modified the database structure and have come up with awesome reporting feature in their plugin.

  • Visual Reporting- You can have a visual report on submissions like graphs and blocks. This way you can analyze the data in a better way.
  • Real-Time Reporting- Users can also have real-time reports of the submissions with this WPForms feature.
  • Report Exporting-  You can easily export the reports to your local drive in PDF and Image formats.


Survey Logic

WPForms team has made some powerful conditional logic based on the user choices to show custom fields to the user. This feature shows different survey fields on the basis of prior choices in the survey form.

This can help in getting more accurate and targeted data from the audience.

Customer Support

WPForms provides a lot of documentation of using the plugin in the easiest way but if you still have some problems. They allow communication through the support ticketing system.

If you’re having pre-sales queries you can fill up their form and they’ll revert back to you. While if you are an existing customer, all you need to do is to create a ticket of your problem and they’ll fix it soon.

Easy Integrations

Integrations are really useful in the present era. It can help you in reducing a lot of works and the same way WPForms will help you by having easy integrations with a lot of Third-party applications like:

  • MailChimp
  • AWeber
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Constant Contact
  • Drip
  • GetResponse
  • Paypal

Ending Up

WPForms is a premium WordPress form builder which provides a very easy to use interface to build some responsive forms for WordPress websites. With WPForms you create contact forms, custom forms, email subscriptions form as well as Survey Forms too. You can also integrate it with many third-party applications easily.

It is better than all the other WordPress form builders with affordable pricing. You can get the Survey & Polls Addon feature 100% free when you will buy the WPForms Pro plan.

Let me know your experience with WPForms in the below comment section


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