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How Can Video Content Triple Your Online Store Sales?

Video Content Marketing is the winning strategy to boost online sales in 2018.

Speaking of today’s E-Commerce niche, Every hour is a Rush hour. Millions of people enter the eCommerce niche every day and there is some kind of new marketing strategy being followed to win online business.

Now, what builds your marketing strategy? Well, social promotions and email campaigns can be your ace marketing strategy. But, whatever be the marketing channel, you still need content to promote your marketing campaigns. Agree? Quality content is what makes you reach the top of Google rankings. Also, we all need to accept that the audience perspective on receiving content is definitely evolved. Online web users look for more engaging content instead of simple blog posts. In fact, the percentage graph of people engaging with blogs, articles, newsletters are gradually seeing the decline. So, what’s your store got as an alternate strategy?

“Create Visual content- Do Video marketing- Get Viral Engagement”

Why people prefer videos to text?

Video Content

Say, what grabs your attention the most when you browse a website?

Will it be an enriching text content read for 5 mins or a 2 min video having the same context as that of the text content?

It’s definitely the Video content for me. This online behavior of ours has its own reasons,

Video Content gets the Brain’s attention

If you are a believer in science, this one’s for you. Video content stimulates brains more than plain texts because videos have both the auditory and visual content. Also, science states that the brain remembers the visual contents better than texts.

95% of average web viewers remember video content. So, if you want your customer’s brain to remember your brand? Don’t leave behind the idea of creating an enriching content video.

Who doesn’t love a story?

Videos are more like a storyteller. Whatever be the age group of your target audience, they are definitely going to love if you create video content. Know what, video contents gives you the freedom to add any type of data into it. Be it images, infographics, graphs, links, audio files, podcasts, everything can be made fit into a quality video.

Are we saving time or being lazy?

Well, you can call it anything. People are either lazy to read a blog content or it’s just they wanna save time to know more. Either way, this phenomenon is good to be exploited for online digital marketers. When your online store has both video content and blog content saying the same thing, the audience is most likely to click the video content.

Video contents are Explicit

Sometimes, a blog for more than 5 min read can you leave you a little confused at the end. This is because not every content writer can exactly write the ideology and emotions. Actually, it’s pretty tough to make your audience feel emotions from your words. But on the other hand, video contents are explicit. It can convey what you exactly want to share with your audience.

How does Video marketing help to grow an online store?

Vlogging Improves SEO

Not only humans, Google too loves Videos. Want to go up the google search results?  Vlogging is the smart way to do it. Vlogging not only improves your SEO but it’s more than just google results. The search engines take video content in priority to text contents. Video content helps you to get a clear picture of your google analytics.

Social media is all about going Viral

Ask me, getting connected on social media is all about sharing videos and images. People just need a click to share anything on the web. Do you wanna make something viral? Trust me, social media will do it. When people share your video contents on the social media platform, it helps you to get build inbound links. When you have more inbound links, the search engines pick your online store to the top of results.

Improves Website Visitor Engagement

Bounce rate is one critical factor that decides the SEO health of online websites. Website visitors enter your online store and will move out of it if there’s no engaging content. Unless you have a strong audience base, visitors won’t spend much time reading your blog posts. Video content is one way to make your website visitors stay long in your online store. This way your store can improve your bounce rate which will definitely boost your google results. 88% of web users spend more time on websites with videos

What can be your Video content marketing strategy?

Create Product Review Video

The simple way to promote your WooCommerce products is to do a product review video. This way, you not only create quality video content but also create an opportunity to say the worth of your product to your customers. You can also create product documentation videos which of course serves both the customers need and improves your store content as well.

Add User-Generated Video

Recent times, you’d have surely noticed people sharing, tweeting about their favorite brands on social media. Right? So, how about using your customer-generated video on your website. In this way you make enriching video content, more people will start trusting your brand. Moreover, users themselves share their video on digital platform thereby increasing your brand reach.

Embed YouTube Videos to your WooCommerce Products

Are you too occupied in making some quality content? Well, relax you can embed related third-party content to your website as well. Most times you would come across youtube videos which are much related to your product niche. Embedding youtube videos can be all done just by copying and pasting the code to your website page. The biggest advantage of embedding videos is that it doesn’t fill up your storage space thus improving bandwidth.

Well, don’t doubt the potential of Video content marketing. I bet, you will see better conversions once you do quality videos. Do let us know if you found this blog post useful.


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