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How To Buy Expired Domains? [ Complete Guide On Expired Domains ]

As you know very well, domain age matters a lot regarding ranking. So buying an old domain name can help you to rank higher in the search engines.

So now the question arises How to buy old domain names?


So here comes the term Expired Domains. Probably now you’re asking “What Is An Expired Domain?”

Let me tell you…

An Expired Domain is a domain name which is not renewed until the last date of that particular domain’s registration date and because of that, it is expired. There are many reasons for domain expiration such as webmaster forgot to renew, they don’t want to work anymore, etc.

Then, the Domain Registrar gives them a 30 day period to renew their domain names. After 30 days if the domain is not renewed then domain registrar will declare the domain expired and starts bidding on the domain name.

This was a little intro to the term “Expired Domain.

Today I’m going to share a complete guide on expired domains. This guide will cover everything which anyone needs to know about an expired domain and how to buy them.

buy expired domains


Questions about Expired Domains

There must some questions in your mind just as…

 1.Who Buys Expired Domains?

Expired domains are mainly bought by the internet marketers and bloggers who know the value of expired domains.

2.What Is The Benefit of Using Expired Domain Names?

Using an expired domain can help you to build authority quicker than new domains. So Expired domains are recommended.

3.How Expired Domains play a role in Ranking Higher In Google?

Expired domain has already been ranked in Google when they were working. They must have some previous authority and backlinks connected.

This can help a lot in ranking higher on Google because of high authority.

4.Can Anyone Buy An Expired Domain?

Yes! Anybody can buy expired domains. It’s not a rocket science.

You can too!

So Ready to learn about the expired domain?

Wait for a second!

Do you know that you must consider some things before buying an expired domain?

It’s Quality.

Yes! You should buy a quality expired domain name.

Here are the important things explained. You must know these things before going ahead.

Things To Be Considered Before Buying An Expired Domains

1. Check Domain Authority Before Buying

You must be very careful and must check the DA/PA of the expired domains before buying them. Page Authority(PA) and Domain Authority(DA) are the crucial factors to find the quality of the expired domains. So try to grab expired domain name with higher DA/PA.

I recommend you to go for a domain which has 20+ DA

2. Check Whether The Domain Is Banned By Google Or Not

Finding a high DA/PA website with other quality factors will be wasted if Google had banned the domain from their search results.

So before buying any expired domain check its blacklisted status.

PS: Also check whether Google Adsense is also banned or not because sometimes a domain is not banned in search results but is banned by Google Adsense.

3. Checking Archive/History Of The Domain Name.

If you are blogging for long, then you might have heard about the internet archive. Yes, there’s an internet archive where you can find the history of every website which is/was live on the web.

Do check the archive of an expired domain name before buying it.

You can do that from here.

4.Checking PageRank Of The Expired Domain.

Be careful with the PageRank of the expired domain names. Most of the expired domain names have manipulated and fake PR listed on different checkers. Do check it carefully and cross check the results from different PR Checkers available on the web.

These would be enough for determining the quality of the expired domain name.

Now, another question comes to mind is…

From Where To Buy Expired Domains?

There are a lot of options available on the web for buying expired domains BUT here I’m going to share the best places which you can use to buy it.

Best Websites To Buy Expired Domains


Here is the first and most popular place to buy expired domains. It’s Godaddy Auctions. It’s the best, most popular and highly recommended place by top bloggers.

This is the place where every expired domain is listed.

Actually, It’s An Auction where you can bid for your desired domain name (If it’s an expired). The higher you bid, the higher probability to get that domain name.

Here you can also sell your unwanted domain names, it’s like an open market of domains.

Go and explore it.

Another great place to buy expired domains is

Looking for the stats and details of an expired domain for free? Then this is the place to go.

This is the best place where anyone can easily get the statistics of an expired domain name. For me, it’s the best place.I can find every detail about expired domains here on

I can find every detail about expired domains here on this website.

You must try it.

This is another great place and hub of expired domains. It’s similar to the

You can get all details of expired domains along with its bidding price here. They also have filter options.

You can filter domain names and types as per your need. I love this site for its super targeted filter and search options. I also recommend this tool to everyone.

With the convenience of not only online but also mobile shopping for domains, SnapNames brings premium auctions, domain brokerage and daily auctions for you.

They also have great listings of expired domains names.

Yet an another great place for finding and buying expired domain names. I have listed it here because of it’s easy to use interface and one click details about:

  • Page Rank, Moz Rank, Domain Authority and Page Authority
  • Majestic Seo Trust and Citation flow
  • SEMrush Rank and Traffic SimilarWeb Rank

It’s really awesome!

There are many other places too to find expired domains like, NameJet,,, etc. and many others on the web.

I have personally used Godaddy Auctions,, and DomCop for buying expired domain names for my projects.

I highly recommend all the above places to buy expired domains.

Final Words

This guide was all about Buying Expired Domains. Here, all the important things are covered such as what is an expired domain?, How it helps in ranking better?, How to check the quality of expired domains? And from where to buy expired domains?

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