What Did I Learn From 5+ Years Of My Blogging Life?

It was December 2013 when I started my first online blog on blogger platform and since then I had learned a lot. I guess blogging is the only profession in which you are learning every second.

Bloggers are really creative and it’s not that easy to become a pro blogger. now also I remember how I blog during my initial days of blogging, improper grammar and bad English but these all mistakes helped me to improve my command over my writing skills and vocabulary.

The Journey till now is really adventurous with full of fun and learning, To be frank I started blogging with the main motive of making money online but ended up making blogging my passion.

Today, I don’t care if I don’t monetize my content to create some revenue because blogging is not all about making money.

I’m going to share What I Learned In 3+ Years Of Blogging, so check out the complete article.

#1 – Blogging Is Not About Making Money

blogging life lessons

This is the first thing I learned from my blogging life, you will too experience this once you started blogging passionately. Revenues and money will not be your only goal but what your goal will be to reach out to more people around the globe, more exposure, more learning, meeting new people.

Yeah, blogging will help you to build new friends and circles around the globe, you will interact with different people and will learn from them.

Attending blogging workshops and meetups is also a great fun, you will have ample of opportunities to build your brand and to promote it.

If you don’t blog, then I’ll recommend you to start a blog now.


#2 – Time Management Is Necessary

blogging life lessons

Yes, Blogging gives you an option to work any time and at your comfort too. but this doesn’t mean that you’ll not have to follow a timetable.

Time management is required and essential in every aspect of life, in other words, you must have a time management everywhere.

If You decided to blog 2-3 days a week then you must complete your self-commitment.

I learned this in my initial days, I used to postpone things for tomorrow. but when i saw one of my fellow bloggers with whom I started blogging hitting a new milestone, I realized my mistake.

So, I will recommend you to follow a timetable in your life.


#3 – Consistency Is The Key

blogging life lessons

You must have heard that story of ” The Rabbit & The Tortoise” in your childhood and same story applies here too.

You must be consistent with your work, Don’t drag the things for tomorrow. complete it today.

I would like to tell you a way.

Do small commitments to yourself and complete it. I am asking you for small commitments because in this way you will develop a habit of completing your commitments.


#4- Don’t Quitblogging life lessons

Another great learning I learned in my blogging journey is not to quit. Most of the bloggers just give up just because their blog is not generating revenue.

For those bloggers I would like to tell you that I didn’t generate a single penny from blogging during my first two years of blogging ,Most of the times I also thought of giving up and shutting down my blogs but in that two years I have developed a relationship with my blog and I just can’t shut it down like this .

Literally, I mean all your hard work just vanished because you were not generating revenue, I know how difficult was those two years for me, I was not having enough money for the hosting and domain charges.

Even I was not having a proper internet connection.

But then also I didn’t give up and continued my blog, learned a lot about Affiliate marketing, Search engine optimization and many more,

Then Finally in November 2016, My time started and I made a whopping 96$ in a single day and after that, I continued my work and was making $$ on auto pilot mode.

Will write an article on it shortly.

#5 There’s No Shortcut

blogging life lessons

This would be the best thing I learned that there’s no shortcut. whether it’s about success or anything. Looking for a shortcut is about wasting your time.

Now you would say ” smart people go with shortcuts “.

No, those are not shortcuts . its the way they work.

Remember ” When It Comes To Success, There’s No Shortcut “.

Smart work hacks are other things but I’ll recommend not to use shortcuts for your long-term business plans. for example black hat SEO for faster results etc.

You must check this : 9 Newbie Tips For Successive Blogging 


#6 Blogging Can Be Part-time blogging life lessons

You don’t need to quit your 9-5 job or your studies for blogging, you could do it side by side along with your other works. Believe me, if you are having passion towards blogging then you can easily manage it .

I was in class 9  when I started blogging and I managed my time properly between studies and blogging.

But If you are at the stage where you can manage your expenses just by blogging and want to turn into a full-time professional blogger. you can surely opt for it.

Remember Not everybody is Harsh Agarwal – The Founder Of ShoutDreams, who quit his 9-5 job just for the sake of blogging and today he is generating a lot from his online empire.

So think twice before taking any decision.


#7 Copying and Content Spinning blogging life lessons

This is the first thing most of the newbie bloggers do, they just read out something on the web and they just copy it. In some cases, they don’t even remove the links. While other’s spin the content.

Mark my words ” You’ll not get anything by doing this “.

Let me ask you a question. Why Someone will read the same thing they’d read earlier?

Create unique articles. discover more about it, build a case study and then publish it.

You’ll surely get better results.

I’ll give you an example, recently Harsh Wrote An Article on

How To Explain That You Are A Blogger To Your Spouse’s Family


Isn’t it unique ??

Check this out: 6 Steps For Writing SEO Friendly Articles

#8 Building Relationships With Fellow Bloggers

blogging life lessons

Building relationships and network with fellow bloggers have its own importance, being alone in blogging is so boring I realized with time.

You’ll learn new things with new people, you can generate new ideas to write on.

You’ll Learn new blogging strategies and marketing techniques from bloggers.

Best way to build relationships is to join forums, attending blogging meetups like WordCamp. Commenting on other blogs is also a way to build a connection.

Since I started blogging, I made a lot of friends and came in touch with many fellow bloggers. we shared ideas, strategies, and techniques.

Helped each other to build each other’s network.


These are what I learned in my blogging journey so far. If you’ve been a blogger you could better understand and must have experienced these things.

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