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A2 Hosting Review: Should You Use Them Or Not?

A2 Hosting is one of the fast web hostings which includes a lot of convenient ways to offer the fastest server and powerful features at a very low price. We’re here with our A2 hosting Review, which is totally based on our experience with A2 Hosting.

A2 is considered to be a fast-growing and fun-loving web hosting company that was founded by Bryan Muthig and started back in 2001. The A2 Hosting company was named after the founder’s hometown Ann Arbor, Michigan. The idea behind this service was to manage to provide excellent service to the customers and bringing them efficient ways to perform tasks while maintaining a fun-loving company culture.

It was originally designed to handle only a small amount of clients but it gained a lot of popularity and got many clients more than they expected.


A2Hosting Review

Nowadays everybody craves speed, nobody likes slow systems because let’s be honest it’s time-consuming. A2 Hosting staked its reputation on ‘high powered hosting’ by making speed and reliability as its top-notched priorities. That process was called the ‘turbo servers’ or SSD’s by the A2 Hosting which can load up to 20times faster than a typical none SSD server.

The best thing about them is that even if you pay not a lot of bucks, you still get the turbo speed service in your monthly plan. 

A2 Hosting is known for its compatibility, they have won plenty of awards and they have been consistent in their rank game as well. Apart from that, the support team or ‘guru crew’ stays available around the clock if any problem arises, hence you can see how attentive they get with every action.

A2’s core goal has always been about providing the best service that even their own staff wishes to use it themselves. 

A2 Hosting offers free solid-state drives or SSD, unlimited data storage and transfers with free site migration and lots more at a very cheap price. Yes, all that and more in just $3.94 per month. Yes, this is the cheapest web hosting plan, they also offer a full refund within 30days for your unused service after 30 days.  Best web hosting to start your dream website.

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High Speed & World-Class Support

The lightning-fast speed was one of the main motives for A2 Hosting when they started this firm. Along with that they also made sure the loading time was fast, 99.9% uptime, guru crew for the support and best developer tools for their customers. But how do they provide such fast services? Well, they limit the number of users per server and the servers are more efficient at handling connections on the other hand. The other reason behind their lightning fast service is their SSD storage which contributes to their fast loading speeds. 


Green Web Hosting

A2 HOSTING company is also a green hosting company that partnered up with carbon fund.org which is a major company that is working towards reducing the effects of climate change worldwide. A2 HOSTING has been a 100% carbon neutral since 2007. 


A2 Hosting Features

By now you might have got the whole idea of what A2 HOSTING stands for, to explain further here are some of its key features:- 

  • HIGH-speed performance
  • Best developer tools
  • 99.9% uptime 
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • 24/7 guru crew 
  • Unlimited features
  • Cloud hosting solutions


High-Speed Performance

for instance, if we are shopping online, or paying bills online we don’t like slow connection, do we? We lose interest and so our data at the same time, which can bring you a lot of loss. This was the prime idea of A2 HOSTING, bringing high-speed business so that you can do your work and your business effectively without wasting time. 


Best Developer Tools

A2 HOSTING ‘s turbo plan comes with a secret weapon which is their turbo servers. As said before, the promise turbo servers that can load up to 20 times faster than any regular sites. This can sound impossible, but it’s not, apparently they limit the number of users per server and the servers are more efficient at handling connections. So that actually makes sense right. The lower the number of users per site the better efficiency at handling connections. 


99.9% Uptime

You might be wondering what uptime actually means? Well its quite simple, it’s just the opposite of downtime. Uptime is the amount of time you’re website or business has been up available to view by your customers. Now, how can A2 hoisting provide 99.9% uptime all the time? Well if there is any unscheduled downtime that occurred to your site more than 0.1 % of the total time per month, then A2 will provide a service credit of 5% from the amount paid for every hour your site has been down because of internet problem or other issues. 


Customer Satisfaction

as we all know customers the king in the market! Along with providing high site speed services, customer satisfaction has been the no. 2 motive of the A2 hosting company. After checking the whole site ourselves we must say, they have pretty good feedback from their valuable customers. Well, this goes without saying, A2 HOSTING is definitely the game-changer right now. By providing cheap monthly plans, bringing developing tools, getting all the attention and customers to the website, what else could they ask for? Well all the appreciation aside, if any kind of problems arises to the customers, the A2 HOSTING company has also a support team that stays available 24/ 7 on the run. 


24/7 Guru Crew 

The guru crew is no other than the ‘support team’ which works 24/7 to solve any problem that arises to their customers. Customers are their key priority. If there is any problem they will speak directly to you via live chat, the feedbacks on their live chat has been good too. People have also felt quite disappointed as it seems it takes a little longer than usual to connect to an agent. But that’s not what happens all the time. 


Unlimited features

The A2 HOSTING provides unlimited features, well that’s what we all expect from any kind of business, tangible or not. Some of their features include unlimited websites, unlimited databases, unlimited transfers, unlimited email addresses, unlimited migration and etc. Apart from that, you don’t have to pay any additional amount. 


Cloud Hosting Solutions

We all get tensed as we put all our valuable data on the internet, isn’t it? When we can’t control all this it can lead to a lot of loss. This is why A2 HOSTING bought an advanced technology the ‘cloud hosting’ which will help you out if you get any problem regarding security. This is another important feature that makes A2 Hosting much easier and better. Customers don’t have to worry about their data loss or their site becoming unresponsive. 


A2 Hosting Plans

A2Hosting Web Hosting Plans

  • LITEthe lite plan is the basic one, it gives access to only one website and 5databases at only $4.40 per month. You don’t get a turbo server but you do get free SSL & SSD. 
  • SWIFTthe swift plan comes second which provides you all the benefit of the lite plan, but with unlimited websites and databases at $5.39 monthly only. But you dint get a turbo server and the disk space is also unlimited. 
  • TURBO- lastly we have the turbo plan which provides you the same benefits as the swift plan but with turbo servers and A2 optimized features. This plan will cost you $10.29 monthly and it also the fastest plan yet. The no of sites is unlimited with a turbo server, free SSL & SSD. 



About A2 Hosting Review, we can say that the company is a promising one, providing such amazing and terrific services at affordable prices. It’s unfortunate that their live chat support system lacks some process and consistency but apart from that everything’s fine. They do have some cons based on their different monthly plans, like the first one the ‘lift’ plan which doesn’t provide such services, but the other two plans do.

We can’t say they stand on the top shelf, but they can make other companies run for their money. If you’re looking for starting your own business or your website, make sure you check A2 hosting’s website for the perfect plan for you. With all the features and promises being delivered by this company, for sure you might have left already to their site for check-in.

Their consistency and services towards their customers have definitely gained them a lot of reputation in the market, their ratings are pretty well too, we all can agree to that right? Who doesn’t like an easy and fast approach? with this speed of their work, they’ll surely bring many more updates in the future.

We hope our A2 Hosting Review helped you in making the right decisions.

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