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Bluehost Review: Is It Good To Use Bluehost In 2019?

Bluehost is a web hosting company owned by endurance international group. It is known to be among the 20 largest web hosts, collectively hosting well over 2 million dollars along with its sister companies, hostmonster, and Fast domain. It’s a private company started back in  2003. Yes, 16 years ago. The Bluehost company was founded by Matt Heaton and its headquarters are situated in salt lake city, Utah, USA.


Bluehost is a leading web hosting solutions company which has continually innovated new ways to deliver on their mission, empowering people to fully harness the web. They power websites all over the world and support thousands more every day. In fact, I also use Bluehost for my websites and you can learn more from here about creating a website with Bluehost in 5 Mins 

Bluehost caters to beginners and to small businesses. Bluehost has grown to become one of the world’s largest providers of cheap web Hosting and online cloud-based solutions.

They offer you a range of solutions if you want to get started with your first ever website or online shop. They specifically focus on the digital marketing and training needs of small businesses as said before. Talking about the plans that they provide, their cheapest hosting plan is $2.95 per month. Don’t miss out Bluehost Black Friday Cyber Monday 2019 Sale If you’re planning to buy Bluehost hosting.

Along with it, the packages come with unlimited add on, domains, free global CDN, free daily, weekly and monthly backups on a powerful scale that also promises speed and security.


Bluehost Features Worth Considering In 2019


Low Introductory Pricing

Bluehost provides you with the cheapest monthly plan that is $2.95. Well, that’s a pretty nice deal right? With that price, you get 50 GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate.

You can add more than 1 email address and the email storage is up to 100 MB. With this monthly plan, you get a free domain, free website builder.  the uptime speed and consistency is also a plus point. Before this monthly plan, it was around $7.99 was is now discounted to $2.95 which is the second impressive thing.

So if you’re looking to start a website of your own, this is definitely the best deal you could find online with all these advantages.


Amazing Site Addons

When your website is done, You get thousands of add-ons or apps which is called the mojo marketplace. These apps include themes by which you can customize your website according to your preference. In those options, you can add images, create customer forums, add calendar, allow customers to reach to you through SMS, event registration and you could also sell online courses.

If you want more than this, then you could opt for the professional purchase service that provides you services like the graphic design of flyers, posters, brands and etc. Website technical work like PayPal, if you have a blog you set that up too and you can also add maps to your site. 


Free Site Builders

Bluehost helps you to build your site for free, you get unified login that is, you get one username and password combination by the company. You will get the full support, free domain, and easy upgrades so that you can manage your site yourself. When creating a website you have the option of using WordPress content.


Multiple Email Accounts

In the basic plan which is $2.95, you get only one email address whereas if you opt for the plus plan you get unlimited email addresses. Along with that, the plus plan brings you unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth.

You can make unlimited websites, unlimited email storage and free domains, free website builders with spam experts. The plus plan used to be $10.99 per month but now it has been reduced to $5.95 per month. Well, We must say it is very convenient and impressive at this price point. You get all these unlimited benefits that too at such affordable price.


99.9% Uptime

When talking about the performance and uptime of Bluehost, Users have a complaint about several server outages and the server team saying it’s slow to respond. According to the users, Bluehost brings a 99.9% uptime on average. The company allows you to cancel your hosting agreement if there is any problem with the downtime and you don’t have to pay any cancellation fees too.


Fast Page Support Technology

We all live on the internet, starting our day with it and ending it too, we know how frustrating it gets if the websites are low, this is the area where Bluehost shines. Speed tests show that websites hosted by Bluehost take as little as 24-26 milliseconds to respond.

This is the best part about Bluehost. Some users have still complained about the website going slow but it was not the companies fault it was Google’s mobile index that can either elevate or can hide your site in the searching bar based on its loading speed. That is how sometimes your website can slow down.


Cloudflare Integration

If you’re an e-commerce owner you know yourself how important page loading speed is. Slow pages are a major contributor to loss of profits and loss of audience as well. This is where Cloudflare can help you. Bluehost packages come with Cloudflare.

What is Cloudflare you will ask now?

Well, it’s a content delivery network that contains a cached version of your website. Cloudflare is easy to use, you’ll have to simply create a Cloudflare account, by enabling the CDN integration in the control panel and providing your credentials to the Blue host company. But this you can safely have your account back and its data is lost.


SSL certificate

What does SSL stand for?

SSL stands for secure socket layer, which is an encryption protocol. SSL certificates are very important, and you get it free along with your plan. It’s actually a set of rules that your web browser and your server must follow when sending and receiving information to make sure your data being transferred is not read by unauthorized parties, for security purpose.

SSL certificates are actually small data files installed on the website page, you could call them login screens, or payment pages or online forms, etc. They require you to submit a certain type of information which is highly personal like your passwords or pin numbers etc. so that only you can get access pass through it.


Security features

Bluehost company provides you 24/7 customer support, it covers up all sections of live chats, support tickets, telephone or email for better reach. If you have any kind of problem-related to your pack or your website or if you don’t understand a certain thing, you can always ask the support team which is available to you 24/7 around the clock.

Apart from that if you’re not happy with your subscription, you can always cancel it, and you won’t be charged any cancellation fee. Bluehost also offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. 



Bluehost Cons You Need To Know


Site migration

We won’t consider this as a feature, because this is a con. As seen in many web Hosting companies site migration is sometimes free, but with Bluehost, it’s not. If you wish to migrate your site you need to pay $149.99 that is highly pricey. This is a one time fee, it includes the migration of up to five websites, 20 email accounts, and other database files. 


High Renewal Rates

As said before the monthly plans are very cheap, but if you plan to go for a longer period it will cost you around hundreds. In monthly price data you have basic, plus, choice plus and pro plan that contains a 12month term, a 24-month term and a 36-month term including different price points ranging from $8.99 to $23.99 dollars. This is common in web Hosting industries, the price point totally depends on what you’re going for. 


If you’re convinced to buy Bluehost services then get the best discount on Bluehost from here.


Bluehost has definitely raised its reputation throughout the year of practice, they’re standing among the top largest 20  million dollar web hosting company which is not that easy, their practice years have definitely been impressive.

It’s a classic company that provides you amazing services at the cheapest price, but its definitely short on some important matters, like site migration and renewal rates. We can’t say it’s the best, everyone has their flaws, we hope this guide helped you through. 


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