What Theme A website is using

What Theme A Website Is Using

Its A Very Intresting thing That To Know What Theme A website is Using and There Are many ways to detect a website theme and most the the users don’t know about the way so today i am going to tell about the ways you can know what Theme a website is using plus speciall a new thing that to know about the Plugins a wordpress website is using so the ways are as follows

  1. Using A Online Website That Provides You A tool to know about the wordpress theme name,Its Author , Theme URL And You Will also get to know about The plugins A website Is using Just Go To www.whatwpthemeisthat.com And put the website url and get to know about all those stuffs you want to know Just See in The Below Image About Our Siteasss
  2.  The Second Way Is That You Can Find those Stuffs By Seeing the Source Code Just Press CTRL+U and Find CTRL+F type/themes/  and you will get to know about the CSS file that the theme makes.

Theme name is usually after the forward-slash for the /content/themes/theme-name/style.css

There are much more other tools you can find by serching on the google but the most used and popular tools are the above which i had decribed

So it Was Just To Know About The Theme And Plugins A WordPress Website Is Using .

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