How To Increase Pendrive Transfer Speed

How To Increase Pendrive Transfer speed?

Hi Friends,Do You remember that in my last post i had detailed about How To Write Protect A Removable Drive To save Your Pendrive From Virus And Unwanted files And had told you a way to protect your pendrive or removable Drive Or You Can Say USB Drive But Do you ever think that sometimes while transferring your data to the pendrive the transfer rate is bit slow Like In kbps And It Consumes a lot of time and i think everybody wants to get a high transfer rate so today i am going to tell about  how to increase Pendrive transfer speed or copying speed

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So The Ways starts Here

> Connect your Pen drive.
> Go to “My Computer”.

> Right Click on “Removable device” .
> Now Select the Last Option From The Sub-Menu that is “Properties”.

> Now Go to “Tools” option.
> Select “Check Now” under Error Checking and Click OK.

> Now Again Right Click on your Pen drive and Select “Format” option.
> Uncheck the “Quick Format” option.

> Click on Format.

Now wait For The Format Process To Complete as It Will take Some Time To Complete

If You Are Experiencing Sudden Loss In Transfer Speed Than You Can Use Other Ports As Different Ports Offers Different Tranfer Rates

Conclusion: It Was Just About A Simple Trick Through Which You Could Increase Your Pendrive Or USB Transfer Speed A Bit More and if you are facing any problem than you can comment below and I will resolve it as soon as possible.

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