How to Recover Deleted Files From Recycle Bin

How To Recover Deleted Files From Recycle Bin

Many users are worried with a problem of Restoring Deleted Files And For Those Today, I will Tell You A simple trick How to Recover Deleted Files from Recycle Bin.Sometimes When If A File/Information Is Not Usefull For Us Then We Delete Those Files And Most of The Times From the recycle bin also and after few days if you want those files back then you will not get those files from the computer and it creates tension also but In Fact, the files which you had deleted does’t Deleted Entirely From the hard disk it  just gets hidden or invisible and if you want to get those files back then there is a way to get those files back through the help of a Recovery Software ‘Recuva’ which lets you to restore your deleted files from the Computer and  Any type of storage media Ex. Memory Card Pendrive etc. Just Follow The Below Methods To Use this Simple Trick 
1. First, Download the Recuva Recovery Software  from here.

2. Run The Application As Administrator and Install The Software To Your Pc
3. Choose A File Type You Want To Restore Ex. Music ,videos ,documents etc.

How To Recover Deleted Files From Recycle Bin


4. Click on Next Button.
5. In the next window you will be options to choose File Location as in the below image Choose as per your wish by clicking on the desired button and then click Next.

Note- If you choose “On my memory card or ipod”, Then A flash Drive ,Memory Card or Pendrive Should Be Attached To Your Computer In Order To Recover Files

6. Then, In the next window Click on Start button to scan the deleted files.

7. If you are getting an error or results not found message then activate the Deep Scan Feature And try Again.

8. After The Scanning Process A list of deleted files will shown and you can check its state by it bullet colour Ex. green – excellent, orange – poor, red – unrecoverable .
9. Then select The file you want to restore  and  hit “Restore or Recover” option.

It’s a very usefull trick not a miracle the chances of getting deleted files are more but sometimes it does’t work properly chances are 1 in 1000 and is very helpful to get the deleted files which was removed long time back But You should Know That, The Recuva software app has both advantages and disadvantages too. The advantage is that it can recover your important files and the disadvantage is that it can also  restore the files which you don’t want to be in the storage device. The disadvantage will occur when you share the memory device with someone and he use recovery tool to restore the file from your device.

I Hope You Got The Better Explanation of This Simple Trick Just Try it And be A genius Among Your Friends And If This Tricks Works Then Share it with Your Friends.


It is The Best And Easy trick to get the files which were accidentally deleted you’re your computer and the main thing is that Recuva supports all versions of Windows Operating System As It works extremely fast, and uses a less amount of system memory But If You are going through ‘Deep Scan’ please have some patience because it takes a lot of time for the deep scanning process.

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