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Best WordPress Plugins To Make Your Blog Responsive In 2018

WordPress The Base Of Present Blogs, WordPress Is Called The Base Of Blogging Because Of Its User-Friendly, User Accessible And Best CMS Tool For Bloggers. It Is Not That Much It Also Comes With A Tones Of Plugins And Themes That Could Be Used For Customizing Your WordPress Blog And Due To These Thousands Of Blogs Had Been Made On WordPress Over The Last Few Years.No doubt, it is the best Content Management System in the web development world. There Are Plugins To Make Blog Responsive.

Did You Heard Of Customizing Your Blog Into A Responsive Blog, Responsive Blog Means That The Blog That Could Be Easily Accessible And Loaded In Different Mobile, Different Browsers And Different Computers, Making You Blog Responsive Also Helps To Increase The SEO Level Of your Blog As Blog Responsive Is Considered To Be More SEO Friendly.

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 In The Present Time, Number Of smartphone Users Are Increasing Day By Day In Comparison With PC Users Or Laptops Users As It Is More Compatible And Comfortable For Them To Open And Access Websites On Their smartphones instead Of Accessing them on Their Laptop/PC.

So It Is Necessary For The Blog/Website Owners To Make Their Blog Responsive especially To The smartphones And Making A Blog Responsive Also Tends To Make Your Blog Catchy On The Mobile Devices.

Therefore For The WordPress Blog Owners, We Are Here With Top 5 Plugins To Make Their Blog Responsive

  1. WP Mobile Detector

plugins to make blog responsiveBy Using These Mobile Plugins You Could Easily Make Your Blog Responsive And Compatible With Mobile Phones. To An addition, WP Mobile Detector is a great WordPress plugin, As It automatically identifies That The Visitor Is Using A standard Mobile Phone Or A smartphone  and loads a compatible WP mobile theme for The device. These Is The Plugin Which Comes With Hundreds Of Mobile Themes To Make Your Blog Responsive.

Is This For You ?

WP Mobile Detector is The Best WordPress Plugin for those who have a non-smart phone visitor. It will detect whether the request is coming from a standard mobile device or a Smartphone and then loads an adaptable And Compatible mobile theme For The Visitor

WP Mobile Detector PRO version 2.6

Its The Professional Version Of This Plugin Which Is Paid And If You Will Buy The Pro Version Then You Can Create A Bunch Of Mobile Themes By Yourself.

  1. WP Mobile Edition

plugins to make blog responsiveWP Mobile Edition is One Of Those plugins that Tends Or You Could say It Will make your site mobile-friendly. It comes with the mobile switcher and mobile themes. It allows you to Completely transform your existing site into a new complete mobile version developed for smartphones Based On iOS, Android, and Windows.

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This Plugin Will surely Help You Out To Make Your Blog More Responsive, Its Mobile switcher Feature Automatically Identify The Device Of The User And Will Transform Your Blog Into A New Mobile theme. A standard mobile theme instantly loads because of its lightweight. It also offers device adaptation, Full commenting system, Formatting Along With 8 Various Colour schemes.

Is This For You?

WP Mobile Edition Is Mainly To Be For The Blog Owners Which Have A Great Amount Of Traffic That Is Using Mobile Themes, Its Adaptation And Mobile switcher Displays The Most Relevant And Light Version Of Your Blog.

  1. JetPack

plugins to make blog responsiveJetpack Is One Of The Most Popular WordPress Plugins That Are Used Widely Around The Globe, Every WordPress Blog Uses Jetpack That Was Developed By WordPress And Comes With super Excellent 33 Eye Catching Features, Its Just Not For Making Your Blog Responsive, It Offers A Wide Range Of Features Along With Customization, spam Block, Your Blog stats And Many More.

You Can Use Jetpack To Fully Optimize Your Website For mobile devices.It Is Very Flexible And Gives You Flexibility To Transpose Your Blog , Convert The Blog Images with Carousel, Custom CSS, etc. In Another word You Can Customize You Blog Entirely If You Have The Knowledge Of PHP And Css.

Who can use this plugin?

Jetpack Is Not Just For The Blog Owners Who Want To Make Their Blog Responsive But Jetpack Is Also For Those Who Want To Customize Your Blog From Tip To Toe.

  1. WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0

plugins to make blog responsiveThis Plugin helps You To Deliver Your Existing Blog Content Into A New Professional Look Along A Light Version Themes On Different Devices And Platforms. WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 Also offers cross-platform compatibility, an inbuilt theme with six abstract covers, a responsive UX, etc. It Allows You To Customize The Fonts And Colours Of Your Blog For The Mobile Devices.

Is This For You ?

Ya You Could Use This Plugin To Make Your Blog More Responsive But This Plugin Requires WordPress  3.5 Or Higher Version Of WordPress

  1. WPtouch Mobile Plugin

plugins to make blog responsiveIt Is The Best Plugin To Make Your Blog Responsive And Its Also The Most Trendy And Popular WordPress Plugin To Make Your Blog More Responsive And Is Being Used By Over 2 Million Blogs/sites. Usually, WPTouch Pro includes a variety of optimized themes for blogs. In fact, it is faster than responsive sites.

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A WPtouch Mobile Plugin is for WordPress websites/Blog that automatically Offers simple and eye-catching mobile themes for mobile users. According to the Google, a plugin will quickly enable a mobile-friendly version of your site that passes the Google mobile test. It also confirms that your SEO ranking won’t fall due to having a mobile responsive site.

This Plugin features “Infinity Cache” to make your site fast using mobile caching. In this, images are compared through CSS and the plugin offers mobile-friendly images according to the mobile device.


Well Ending Up The Article I Would Conclude The Above Article In Few Lines, As We Had shared The Top 5 Plugins That Can Be Used To Make Blog Responsive To Allow Your Visitors Compatibility Of Visiting Your Blog More smoothly On Their Mobile Devices. If You Think I Missed A Plugin That should Be Listed Above Kindly Mention In The Comment Below.

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