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21 Amazing Facts About Domain Names & Internet You Don’t Know

We are into blogging & Internet Marketing, Using domain names for most of our niche and micro-niche projects. In fact, Domain Names are the pioneers of the digital world.

They are so much in demand that, there were more than 147 million registered domains by 2013 and rapidly growing. Internet Expansion is just possible because of more and more information added daily to the web on different domain names.

You may know .com is the most popular domain name extension But, I think you don’t know these fun and interesting domain name facts.

Everyone knows how to set-up a blog and start posting content. What you don’t know is how it actually works. You should know these domain name facts.

Before this, Let’s have a quick glimpse of What Actually A Domain Name is?

I would rather define Domain name is a string that is associated with a particular DNS and is formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System.

Whenever you put any domain name ( a string ) in the browser. It connects you with the linked IP address at which the whole website is running live.

I’ve been playing with domains since 2013, But I was also unknown to these amazing domain facts.

Let’s know some amazing unknown domain facts.

16 Domain Facts You Are Unaware About

Paul Mockapetris founded Domain Name System in 1983

Symbolics was the first domain registered in 1985

Domain name registration was free for everyone till 1995

All 3 character domains with different TLD’s were registered back in 1997. There are a total of 50,000 domain names of 3 characters if we apply combinations on it.

Apple was the 64 domain name registered back in 1985 and can be known to be first few domains that went working live.

In 1987, the 100th domain was registered and this milestone was achieved in 2 years. Now every second more than 100 domains are registered.

Approximately 13% of all the .com domains are 5-6 characters long

It is said that was supposed to be but due to some errors the domain Google in 1998

You must have registered domains for 1 year or even up to 10 years, but ‘ Network Solutions’ allows you to register domain names up to 100 years.

Godaddy is the leading domain registrar with more than 54 million registered domains just in 2017.

Mike Mann has a record of registering maximum domain names in a single day. He registered 14,962 domains in just 24 hours in 2012.

.ng is the most expensive domain extension with a registration amount of more than $ 30,000 per Year. was sold for more than $ 49.7 million to Quinstreet Inc in 2010. It is considered to be the most expensive domain name ever sold in the history of domain names.

The most used TLD is .xyz because of its low registration price of just $0.69 per year.

Youtube was registered on 14th Feb 2005, that’s why we call it Valentine day baby ( It was born on Valentine Day).

In 2014, More than 100 top level domain was added to the domain name system.

Do You know? Images have a deeper impact on the human brain and it’s easier to recall something you’ve seen. Sharing with you an amazing infographic on domain facts by HostingTribunal


Domain Name Facts


Ending Up

Domain names are the pioneer of the developing modern web structure and I recommend everyone to register a domain name and start a website of their own. There are a lot of benefits of having a domain name. I would like to thank you HostingTribunal for this amazing Infographic. This Infographic covered everything from the very beginning about domain names to the end.

Just have a look over the complete infographic and you’ll get to know almost everything about Domain names, the origin, registrants, growth etc.

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