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How To Create A Signature Form In 3 Simple Steps?

Do you want to create Signature Forms for your WordPress websites? I mean, Yes, You can create signature forms in WordPress and can collect digital signatures.

With this amazing addon by WPForms, You can easily collect digital signatures from your website in a few steps. I’ve already published a detailed guide on creating conversational forms with WPForms.

This great addon will be really helpful for those users who create service agreements online and want the document to be signed. It will save a lot of time and paper too, As your user will not have to print, sign and scan the document. Things will get simplified.

What is a Signature Form?

It’s just like a normal form that we have on our websites with an additional signature field. You can add an electronic signature field in your forms online with WPForms. It will increase the efficiency of your data collection mechanism from your user and is also hassle-free.

Signature fields can be added to almost every kind of forms that need user acceptance like application forms, service agreements & contracts. Your user can upload their digital signatures on all your documents.

The signature field looks just like as in the below image.

Source- WPForms


Why you should use signature forms?

There are a lot of reasons for recommending you the use of Signature forms. One of them is you’ll be going paperless and it’ll be an eco-friendly step. You no longer have to ask your users to print and sign the documents. You can do it all online.

There are a lot of other reasons too.

Quick and easy-  It is not so easy to collect user signatures within minutes with this amazing addon by WPForms.

Low Efforts & Instant Work- You don’t have to waste time in collecting and processing user data & signatures.

Convenient and secure-  Users can sign documents online through their devices or touchpad. It’ll be more secure than paper works.



How to Create a Signature Form with WPForms?

You need to have WPForms installed on your WordPress website. If you don’t know I’ll recommend you to check this tutorial on installing & configuring WPForms.


Step 1: Creating Your Form With WPForms

  • From your WordPress dashboard, Navigate to WPForms and Click on “Blank Form”.create a signature form
  • You’ll get a Form Editor page now.
  • Add up all the required things into your form.
  • Make sure, you also add the “Signature” field option in your form.create a signature form
  • Simply edit the “Signature” field by clicking on it. [ Note: Make this field required as this will be a must field for users to submit the form]

Step 2: Configure Your Form’s Settings

Now, you need to configure your form settings. It will help you to set options like form confirmations and notifications. You can configure these three things.

  • General Settings: It includes giving a name, description & CSS to your Form.
  • Form Confirmations: You can set up a confirmation message that will automatically show a message to visitors after they submit the form on your site.
  • Form Notifications: Set up automated responses through the mail for your users.

It also allows you to set up conversational forms and survey forms from the settings. You just need to enable them.


If you run email marketing campaigns or send updates to your users then you can use the Subscribe Checkbox field that will help you collect user emails for your future campaigns.

Using this data, you can integrate various email marketing tools like Aweber, MailChimp & GetResponse with WPForms.


Step 3: Create and Publish Your Service Agreement

As you’re done with creating and configuring your signature form, You just need to publish it on your website.

  • Go to Pages> Add New.
  • Put up the relevant content like page title & description.
  • Click on Add Block (+) icon or Add Form (in case you’re using the classic editor) and put the form name you just created in step 1 & 2.
  • Select your form from the drop-down and add it there on the page.
  • Hit the Publish button and your form will be live on your website.

Create A Signature Form


That’s it, You’ve created a signature form with WPForms.


Look, It was so simple. I hope this addon by WPForm is useful for your website.

Signature Addon by WPForms is one of their premium Addon and you need to get their WPForms Pro license in order to use them. They are having a good discount on their premium packages.

Click on the below button to get WPForms Pro  at discounted price

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