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How to Attract New Followers with Instagram Automation Services?

Who hasn’t been dreaming of fame and glory? Even if you know such a person or you consider yourself so, you are quite economical with the truth. If you do not dream of worldwide love, the local recognition and pride won’t be odd.

And what is the best mean to get what you want? Sure, today it’s Instagram! With its appearance, the average people can equate yourself to celebrities. And we must admit they are no worse than stars. That’s why there are so many influencers and micro-influencers on IG. They bring some value to it.

But to become famous and recognizable on Instagram is not an easy task at all. Before starting your active promotion on IG, you need to think over every point of it, build a clear strategy and only then act according to it.

Well, that’s the easiest part which requires mental work, no more. But when it comes time to realize it into reality, many people face some difficulties. Setting the precise targeting, liking and commenting it to attract attention, taking advantage of the right posting time and so on and so forth – all that takes a lot of time, efforts, and patience. That’s why people have developed automation tools for that. These are the services which present an automated marketing campaign.

What do automation tools allow?

Finding Your TA

The automation tools facilitate a search for your TA through certain tags, lists of usernames (for instance, your business competitor) and its possible locations. Advanced algorithms of certain cutting-edge Instagram bots allow the more accurate targeting by means of gender and language filters, and of the ability to choose the timezone.

To Exhibit Your Activity Towards TA And To Engage It Through:

  • Like bot-Once you are ready with your targeting settings, the Instagram Like Bot starts its work. The most popular function of it is auto likes. As it is in people’s nature to be interested in those who like them, they will definitely pay their attention to your acc. Eventually, that’s what we need.
  • Follow/unfollow bot. The similar pattern to the first one. But to a certain extent more straightforward, I think. It will attract new fans by following them. And if they won’t follow you in response, the bot can unfollow them (why do you need such people in your list of “follows”?)
  • Automated commenting. If you want to spark more interest to your persona which won’t be passing, let a bot leave some cool comments under the posts of your TA. Your task is to write a dozen of good samples.
  • Automated Stories viewing. It is a quite curious feature of IG bots. It creates a kind of “shadowboxing”-effect. It “views” the Stories of your TA, increasing their engagement and providing yourself with recognizability.

Even Instagram DM online.Your “big ones” in the promo campaign. Get in personal touch with your audience. Write to them messages which they will appreciate. The bot will send them out.


One of the best functionalities of IG bots is the possibility to schedule your postings. It is convenient and saves tones of your time. Write a post, fix the time and go relax. Now you should ask me “what does it have to gain more followers?” The answer is simple: people love stability and consistency, they want to see your real dedication and commitment to what you do. Seeing your regular posts they will foresee the chain of good content and will follow your acc. And if you make little research and find out what is the best time to post on Instagram for you, your promotion will run faster.

Generate Hashtags

All Instagrammers (and not only) know the worth of hashtag use for attracting new people to your profile. So I won’t speak much of it. I just want to point out that with the help of hashtag generator you will make up new hashtags really fast.

To Monitor Statistics & Data Analysis

None of the promotion campaigns can do without monitoring statistics. If you do so, you see all the drawbacks of it. Thus, you can alter it as appropriate. In the long-term, it will guarantee a constant increase in the numbers of your followers.



Modern Instagram automation services stand a good chance to become go-to tools for PR campaign on Instagram. They show solid performance, they are safe and easy to use. If you want to attract new fans to your acc, why not to take a trial?

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