How To find A Friend Facebook Password ?

I heard many times from my friends that they want to know password of their friends sometimes parents also want their kids facebook or any other social media password in order to see whether they are doing something wrong or not . So today On A high Demand I am opening my best trick with all of you .That Is How To Trace Or find Facebook Password. First of alll before starting the trick you must have mozilla firefox browser installed on your pc and then it starts here :-

  1. Run The Mozilla Firefox browser in your Pc.
  2. Do You Remember Whenever A person log In to facebook the browser ask to save password or not.So If the Person clicks On Save password Then The Password Saved In A Location in mozilla firefox.
  3. Now click on Firefox or options In The upper left corner of The window .
  4. Now In the New Window Click On Security. 
    How To Find A friend facebook Password
  5. Then Click On The Saved Passwords As In The Above Image.
  6. Then Click On The Show Password As in the below figure.{the blackish part is not shown due to our privacy}
  7. Then See The Password Of the Desired Website Or Person From these Simple trick. 


It is a very simple trick in order to get a friend or relative password and is not a hacking trick.It is not just for seeing a facebook password even you can see each and every password of any website which is saved during the login process.You can show this in your friend Circle And Amaze them with this small trick.Hoping you will like this trick and will write some more intrestion tricks.

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