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Best Linux Web Hosting Service For Your LLC

Linux hosting is a part of Unix like os family. It’s an open-source operating system based on the Linux kernel which was the first-ever operating system kernel introduced on September 17, 1991, by Linus Torvalds. The Linux hosting was eventually released 28years ago. Its marketing targets focus mainly on embedded devices, computers, mobile phones, personal computers, etc. It’s one of the most widely used operating systems in the web hosting industry at the moment. Linux has more flexibility and security as compared to other competitors like windows.


Why Is Linux Considered To Be The Best?


Often Linux is compared with windows because of their competition in the industry. But Linux is considered to be better over windows because of its flexibility and security. Linux provides 24/7 technical support around the clock and its known for its reliability. Not only that, it’s very effective and efficient and since it’s free, it has an open-source operating system, with the available free code, experts can suggest improvement from time to time. Linux is also known for its stability, unlike windows, Linux doesn’t crash much, which is another crucial element that is considered for a better alternative.

Linux is mostly recommended because of its performance and security features. Along with high security and better performance, it gives you a strong platform. When we talk about such platforms we all know how much it costs while charging for a license, it’s a handful isn’t? But this is another reason why Linux is recommended because since it’s free, it’s an open operating system, it charges for licensing are very low. 


Linux Features:

  1. Linux hosting supports CMS like WordPress, it’s configured to the LAMP standards which stands for (L) Linux os (A) apache web server applications (M) MySQL and (P)PHP programming language. This standard ensures that you use your online website or commerce protocol In a modernized and acceptable pattern. All these software we’re put together in order to create a fully functioning website that can host live websites. 
  2. Linux is mostly used since it’s free and it’s an open-source which doesn’t cost much for the hosting. This is the obvious point over which many people go for it. Many of it’s hosting plans comes with free and popular scripts like WordPress, Joomla, etc 
  3. Linux is very flexible as compared to windows because you can do anything with it, you can opt for blogging, create websites, create online forums, etc. Linux is based on GNU which is a general public license that can be used with different proportions
  4. The Linux web hosting plans provide better security from time to time. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee. 
  5. Linux is also reliable since its the first-ever operating system even before windows. It provides better reliability than the most.
  6. Linux is a hassle-free approach as it includes MySQL, PHP, etc it makes it an easier way to use the system.
  7. The support team at Linux provides 24/7 technical support and monitor the services all the time.


HostPapa Linux Hosting

hostpapa linux hosting

Hostpapa is a Canadian based privately owned web hosting company that provides private server hosting and resellers. It operates all over the world it was founded by Jamie Opalchuk in 2006 and its headquarters are situated in Burlington, Canada. In 2013 and 2015 Hostpapa emerged on the 500profit ranking fastest-growing companies in Canada.

Hostpapa is currently hosting more than 5,00,000 websites and it’s been rated pretty impressive in the market based on its assistance and quality. What makes HostPapa the best Linux web hosting you ask? Well, the following features will definitely fill your doubts.

You can know more about HostPapa Linux Hosting from here.


HostPapa Linux Hosting Features

  1. Hostpapa provides high quality and high-value plans with the lowest costs, HostPapa offers three different types of plans that are- 


Starter plan

$3.95/month for a basic blog or website. in the starter plan, you get two websites along with free domain registration. you get 100gb of SSD storage and unmetered bandwidth. Not only that you also get a free starter website builder so that you can easily upgrade your website and design it yourself.

Business plan

$3.95/month this plan is ideal for small business the business plan, you get unlimited websites, free domain registration unlimited SSD storage, and unmetered bandwidth. Just like the starter plan you get a free website builder. In the business plan, you get advanced features like unlimited add-on domains, unlimited email addresses, unlimited MySQL databases, and 2X more CPU and MySQL resources.

Business pro plan

$12.95/month this plan offers better performance, security, and speed. you get unlimited websites, free domain registration, unlimited SSD storage, and unmetered bandwidth. In this plan you get updated versions, you get access to unlimited website builder free feature where you get other benefits to upgrade your get different enhancements.



2) Free Website Transfer-  most web hosting companies do not provide free website transfer, they usually charge a lot. The charging fee is always very expensive and this is a barrier in general. HostPapa provides free website transfer, not only in one hosting plan but in every hosting plan. Yes, whichever plan you use, you can transfer your data and files freely. 


3) Tutorial & Guides- if by any case you get stuck at some point, HostPapa offers video tutorials that can guide you easily. It provides a detailed database that helps you guide on different steps. All the videos are user-friendly and simple to understand.


4) Traning Sessions- if you’re a newbie or even an expert, at some point, you might come across some confusion regarding your website or any other error. At that time you can opt for training sessions at HostPapa. It’s not time-consuming, it hardly takes 30minutes to explain you through the process and the best thing about it, it’s totally free. You must book your session after opting for membership. You can find many videos on the website where you’ll be guided on every instance so that you can understand better. The team provides a comprehensive guide on the security, website building and upgrading your website.


5) Customer Support- as mentioned before, HostPapa operates in 18 countries and hosts more than 5,00,000 websites. They work around the clock for their customers. They offer 24/7 technical support via email and phone support that too in four available languages, English, French, German and Spanish. Not only this, you can even send them a fax.


6) Security – all the web hosting plans provided by HostPapa come with panda cloud antispam protection which saves your website from any kind of spam and hackers which is definitely an area of uncertainty. Hostpapa monitored over 37,000 websites to ensure security. Along with that with every hosting plan in HostPapa you get a free SSL certificate and automated website backups. You also get your money back in 30day guaranteed if you’re not satisfied with your plan.


7) Cpanel – Cpanel or control panel helps you manage your services and along with the HostPapa dashboard you can handily and manage your websites settings.


8) Rocket Fast Servers- HostPapa provides rocket fast servers so that you can captivate the targeted audience and get your website to work. Hostpapa provides 300%performace boosts because of their premium servers. You get high speed while using your website and through this way, you can avoid mass loss.


9) 99.9% Uptime Guarantee- 99.9% uptime guarantee sounds very impressive because this speed won’t put your business in the loss. You can attract all the potential traffic and your website will be seen in the market. Hostpapa provides 99.9%uptime in every hosting plan. It’s free with every plan.


10) Advanced Features- along with the already mentioned features provided in the web hosting plans, you also get some advanced features in the business plan and business pro plan. In the business pro plan, you get the premium wildcard SSL certificate, automated website backup, protection power pro and domain privacy under the security enhancement but these advanced features do not come for free, you’ll be paying for it, its expensive but if you wish to save up some money go for the annual billing. You get the unlimited add on domains, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, and MySQL resources along with other features.



What makes HostPapa the best Linux web hosting?


Hostpapa has been high performance and reliable and low cost at the same time, operating over 18countries around the globe HostPapa has provided excellent service to its users and won many awards on its achieving working. It provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 technical support over call, text and even faxes the supporting team does sound very impressive.

Not only that, you get many benefits in each of its plans you get free website transfer and free SSL certificate. Not every web hosting plan provides such attributes.

Hostpapa has received a very well rating on its service and has been voted as the fastest-growing company. All the web hosting plans provided by HostPapa are cheap and you get easy tutorials and sessions for a comprehensive guide for the usage. Hostpapa has definitely proved terrific in its job and its services and excellence prove it to be the best Linux web hosting.





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