• KeyLoggers-A Privacy Threat

    Keyloggers: A Great Threat To Your Privacy

    Well Keyloggers-A Privacy Threat For Everyone . Yeah You Heard Correctly It’s A Threat To Your Privacy.You Must Be Thinking How It’s A Threat? What’s A KeyLogger? What Is It’s Uses And A Lot Of Questions You Must Have . Don’t Worry In Today’s Guide I Will Describe A Briefly About Keylogger,Its Uses And How To Be safe From A Keylogger. What Is A Keylogger? Keylogger Is Meant To Be A Cyber spy. i.e It’s a Tiny Hardware Device or a software program that records real time activity of a user,click strokes,browsing data,private info,encrypted info and almost each and every thing of the victim device.It allows you to monitor the Live screen actions of the victim…