• Best File Sharing Applications For Android

    Best File Sharing Applications For Android 2019

    Hi Geeks, Well Today i am going to write on best file sharing applications for android.i am not regular on my blog due to my studies so sorry for my irregularity. Coming Back To Topic,In The Present Time Most Of The Peoples Use Bluetooth To Tranfer Files From One Mobile To Other Or From One Laptop To Other But Do You Know That You Could Transfer Files Through Wi-Fi [ Wireless Fidelity ].If You Don’t Know Then Read Out The Whole Article About Transferring Files Over Wi-Fi with these best file sharing applications for android. Check Out : How To Root Android Without Computer PC 2018 First Of All I Would Like…

  • Root Android Without Computer PC 2016
    Android,  Tutorials

    How To Root Android Without Computer PC 2018

    In My Last Tutorial , I Had Completed Each And Every Point On Android Rooting And Had Given A Complete Guide On What Is Rooting And How To Root Your Android Mobile And Today I Am writing The Next Part Of That Tutorial. If You dont’t have a computer and you are not able to root your android mobile don’t worry we are here for you.so Today we are going to share A Complete guide on How to jailbreak android to root without PC. Android Devices Can Be Rooted In Many Ways i.e By Computer Or You Could Root Your Android Device Without Computer,As I had already given a brief tutorial…

  • Android Rooting ? A Complete Guide On Android Rooting

    Android Rooting ? A Complete Guide On Android Rooting

    Hi Everyone ,should I Ask You A Question? Do You Ever Customized Your Android Mobile . seems strange But Its The Truth That Most Of The People Are Unaware About . That Android Is The Best Platform For Mobile Users That Can Be Customized. Yeah You Could Develop Or Customize Your Phone According To You And That All Is Possible Only And Only After Rooting Your Android Mobile. Do You Know About Android Rooting Then Don’t Worry. I Am Here To Get It To The Right Point . Android Rooting Is The Process Of Getting The Administrative Privileges Or Root Access On An Android smartphone As  Android uses the Linux kernel, rooting an…

  • KeyLoggers-A Privacy Threat

    Keyloggers: A Great Threat To Your Privacy

    Well Keyloggers-A Privacy Threat For Everyone . Yeah You Heard Correctly It’s A Threat To Your Privacy.You Must Be Thinking How It’s A Threat? What’s A KeyLogger? What Is It’s Uses And A Lot Of Questions You Must Have . Don’t Worry In Today’s Guide I Will Describe A Briefly About Keylogger,Its Uses And How To Be safe From A Keylogger. What Is A Keylogger? Keylogger Is Meant To Be A Cyber spy. i.e It’s a Tiny Hardware Device or a software program that records real time activity of a user,click strokes,browsing data,private info,encrypted info and almost each and every thing of the victim device.It allows you to monitor the Live screen actions of the victim…

  • Quick Heal Free 1 Year Antivirus For Android

    Quick Heal Free 1 Year Antivirus For Android

    Hello Everyone , Hope You All Are Going Good . In The Present Time Everyone Has An Android Smartphone Not Only The Kiddos But Also The Old Generation Are Also Smart Now . It Should Be As Everyone Should Have the Right To Be Updated with Technology . So In The Present Time The Most Popular Gadget Is A Smartphone That Everyone Owns . Along A Smartphone Your Expenses On Your Phone also Increases For Example Mobile Bills , Service Charges And Most Often People Spend Money On Anti Viruses To Protect Their Phones From Viruses And Malwares. For Buying A 1 Year Subscription You Must Probably Pay About 8-10$…