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The Success Story Behind The Gifting Startup HuppMe

Hello Everyone, Startups are now becoming a trend in the current generation among everyone. Everyone wants to be an Entrepreneur and wants to be their own boss but not every startup get success in this race rather the chance of success is very less in this high competition world.

Not everyone can be a successful entrepreneur and a CEO, it needs a lot of dedication, hard work, patience and a lot more to be one of them.

Today I’m here to share with you the success story behind the gifting startup HuppMe. Off course the most unique and one of the best Personalized gifting service provider.

Let me introduce the man behind this awesome startup and he is Mr. Abhinav Prateek, a 23-year old Engineering Drop Out who chosen the way of Entrepreneurship and is now fulfilling his dreams. He’s the founder of Online Personalized Gifting Venture

Apart from this, He’s a great Youtuber and a motivational speaker too, too?You can check him out at Abby Viral

Did I tell you he’s a Rapper Too?

Something More By Abhinav-

I was in 12th class, I had no clue of what will I do with my life in future, however the concept of the internet, YouTube, Social media always fantasized me. After working for two years in direct selling, I wished to contribute something great to the society. So while doing engineering, I parallel started seven small businesses one by one, that include event management, magic shows, educational programs etc.

How HuppMe Started?


Dropping out engineering in the third year and decided to work for something big, was the turning point of my life.
It was the birthday of someone special in my life and I was short of money and confused what can I gift her that she will love and will fall in my budget as well. I explored the gifting market online and offline and ended up buying some personalized gifts that luckily worked. She loved them very much. I realized that there is an opportunity in gifting segment, People are confused what to gift to their loved ones on a special occasion and I can solve this problem and that’s how Huppme started.

Success Tips By Abhinav


About Knowledge – He believe “Baadam khane se akal nahi aati, Dhakke khane se aati hai”(Eating Almond’s doesn’t give you wisdom, the struggle does!). So after I completed 12th class I struggled a lot, From a street magician, Network marketing to Selling Momos, Event management, Plants and nursery business, Digital marketing, Graphic designing, and BPO.I worked at so many places to learn skills and earn money for survival. It is so much difficult for someone who is studying in a college and hadn’t seen the outside world to suddenly start a business. Firstly you need to understand the market and its needs(But yes, exceptions are always there).

Networking – If you are surrounded with wise people, The positivity, knowledge, thoughts, ideas will flow and you will also get lots of opportunity to grow. After I dropped engineering, I created a network with many people who are doing great in their life, Have dreams, Don’t believe in wasting time and have some targets to achieve. They inspired me to work harder and also taught me many things that I found really helpful for me.

Updating Yourself – Time is changing and so the business tactics are, everyone who wants to survive in this competitive world needs to get updated regularly. let me clear this with an example: In IT sector, the old and outdated developers with old skills are not getting fired because everyday new technology, new things are coming in the market and being outdated means you’ll be kicked out of this race.

I will recommend you to upgrade yourself daily with new skills and experiences, try to get more practical knowledge. one can teach you how to be successful but nothing will change if you don’t put your own efforts.



Something about

Huppme is not just a website, but an idea to free people from one of the biggest confusions of their life i.e. what to gift someone on a special occasion. It may be any occasion birthday, valentine, anniversary etc. Though there are infinite choices available in the market beacuse all have common features, hence people still get confused while buying gifts.

Problems with gifting:

  • People prefer looking at the price-tag first instead of looking at the content of the gift.
  • They usually pass on the emotionless gifts to someone else in the
    next occasion and this cycle continues.(Just like the Diwali sweets
    exchanged and returned back to your home after completing a cycle in your neighbourhood)
  • Rather than emotions, gifts are now left as a formality for people.

Their Gifts are Created with Passion, Crafted with Emotions, Presented with Perfection and Delivered with Care


“Buy a gift from Huppme and share happiness with those who are special for you”


I’ll personally recommend HuppMe to all of you. you must try their service atleast one time and i bet you’ll love them. They have awesome collection of personalized gifts for your loved one.

So this was about the story behind the start of by Mr. Abhinav Prateek, i would also like to suggest you to check out Abhinav’s youtube channel for great motivation.


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