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23 Free Movie Websites To Watch Movies For Free (Legally)

The craze of going for movies on Friday nights with your dear ones is still high, it’s the best pass time for everyone. But with the high ticket costs of the movie, not everyone can afford to go for theatres on a regular basis.

But thanks to the internet, and to the free movie websites that help in watching free movies online. These movie websites will also help you in saving some bucks.

Netflix and Hulu are paid and not everyone can afford their subscription. You can try these best free movie websites If you are bored of those web series.

I think you must have a Flat screen TV at home with a High-Speed Internet and some snacks? then why to go theatres. Enjoy free movies online from the comfort of your home. something like a private theatre with some great viewing experience. You can watch movies on tablet devices in 2020.

Just to help you save some bucks in watching free movies, we shorted some of the best free movies websites or you can say tweaks where you can watch movies for free.

Use These Free Movie Websites

Most of the free movie sites online are “fake & scam”. Don’t fall into their trap as they can even steal your data too. You must have some idea about what Napster was, the pioneer of the free media sharing sites. If not, Google it.

Let me tell you that these free movie streaming websites are legal and you’re not breaking any of the IT laws, So don’t worry about being scammed or anything.

These free movie websites offer classic movies that are available in the public domain but you can watch new movies too and that’s for free. use the below-mentioned sites to stream free movies online.

1. TubiTV

The first in the list of free movie websites is TubTv, with more than 7,439 movies and TV series from paramount pictures, Lionsgate and many more large motion picture studios. TubiTV is worth watching free movie streaming site.

It also lets you watch movies and series virtually on any device with the downloadable app that makes TubiTV the best movie streaming site.

You can also call TubiTv as the “Netflix of free movie sites”.It also features new releases, old classics, movies or TV shows that you never saw.

It also allows you to sort movies by genre, new releases recently added, etc.

So How TubiTv let us watch movies for free? Actually, they run ads in between the movie, but it’s better than playing or watching movies on cable Tv with 5 min commercials.

Get tubiTV Apps Here:

2. Vudu

Vudu is second in the list of free movie websites and offers free movies and TV shows online. Once again, ads will be a hassle but it’s okay as of the cost of being charged. You can watch movies free online with Vudu on the cost of ads just before the movies enter the public domain.

They also have their free movie streaming apps that let you watch movies on your different devices once you download them.

Everything on Vudu is not free, they also have their premium section with No Ads while watching movies online. If there’s a movie you want to see without in-movie ads, you can see how much it costs to rent or own.


3. Pluto TV

Pluto TV also offers free movies, TV shows, and internet videos online. They offer 75 channels for live TV and movies too. You can watch LIVE TV for free online without creating an account on Pluto TV.

But, for watching free movies online you have to register with them. They’ll not charge you until you want to pay. If you’re looking for a cable TV alternative then you must try it. It let you watch some of the LIVE channels for free.

So, check them out and if you found them suitable for you. You can switch to this free cable tv alternative.
Pluto TV don’t offer content on demand means you’ve to search through different channel lineups to see what you can watch with commercials.It’s similar to that of watching movies on your Cable TV but remember it’s free.

It’s possible to stream Pluto TV on your computer, mobile device, or your TV when you use a streaming device that can access the Pluto TV app.

Get the Pluto Apps Here:


4. Popcornflix

They have a cool mission statement i.e “Great Movies For Free.”

As they are sponsored by the largest independent motion pictures distributer with a list of 1,500+ movies, It’s okay to say that Popcornflix is doing a great job at completing their goal of being a premier free movie website.

Popcornflix offers old and new movies in every genre and some of their most popular options include John Wayne’s Stagecoach, Clear and Present Danger starring Harrison Ford, and Steve Austin in Tactical Force.

You can stream Popcornflix online or with one of the following devices via the downloadable app:

  • Apple TV
  • Amazon
  • Xbox
  • Android and Apple mobile devices

Get the Popcornflix Apps Here:



MoviesFoundOnline is another great website on the list of free movies site.

They offer a wide selection of movies seriously, I mean they have movies released since 1997. If you’re a classic movie fan then you will also find a lot of movies from the 1940s or earlier like Gulliver’s Travels and The Man Who Knew Too Much.

You’ll enjoy a lot of feature films that you will not find anywhere for free streaming online.

Apart from movies, They also offer:

  • Documentaries
  • TV series
  • Short films
  • Animations
  • Comedy
  • Viral videos

One con of them is that they don’t have any app so you have to either download the video or you can stream movies online on MoviesFoundOnline

6. Crackle

The 6th in the list of free online movies sites is Crackle. If you have a Roku Device, you already have a bunch of apps pre-installed that let you stream free movies online directly from your computer. One of those free movie streaming apps are Crackle, they also contain Sony Pictures TV & movie collection

You can watch newer releases like Lucy, or the classic loved movie Karate Kid.

Don’t want to watch a full feature film? They also have a collection of classic and current TV series such as:

  • All in the Family
  • Who’s the Boss?
  • Dr. Ken

7. YouTube

Everybody knows Youtube, I’m including Youtube in free movie streaming site as you can find many viral videos and movies for free on youtube that are in the public domain.

You have to compromise with the video and audio quality and playback speed, as they are modified so as to avoid copyright infringements.

You can also pay youtube for a particular movie to watch it online.

Sometimes you find some movies or videos not available in your country? That’s because of your geographical location. Try to switch your IP.

8. Classic Cinema Online

You can get by the name Classic Cinema, This free movie streaming sites are especially for the classic cinema lovers. If you’re a classic cinema lover then you can enjoy movies from the 1960s and earlier on Classic Cinema Online. They also let you watch silent movies like The Gold Rush(1925).

They don’t have a huge and wide movie catalog, but it’s the most family-friendly free movie streaming sites listed online. Browsing through the catalog, you’ll find movies starring the likes of John Wayne, Abbott and Costello, and Cary Grant.

You’ll have the best success watching the movies on your computer as most movies stream from an embedded YouTube screen.

9. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive allows you to watch a lot of movies for free online with their wide collection of classic films that you might enjoy for the following categories:

  • Film noir
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Three Stooges
  • Silent movies

There’s also have a good collection of short films, trailers, and TV shows–both old and recent–that you might like a lot. You’ll have to choose through what’s good and what doesn’t interest you as there are some off-site videos you probably won’t find anywhere else or didn’t even know they existed.

They also have a lot of adult movies so If you’re a minor then watch them under parents supervision.


10. Retrovision

Retrovision offers classic movies and TV for most movie genres and a few hit TV shows including:

  • The Beverly Hillbillies
  • Dragnet
  • The Lucy Show

You can stream movies online through their websites for free or through their Android application.

Download Retrovision App Here:

  • Retrovision App (Google Play Only)

11. Open Culture

They also have a huge collection of more than 1,200+ free movies online with most being of the classic American category from the 1960s and earlier. So if you’re a classic lover then you would definitely love them.

Apart from these, they also have a lot of foreign films, such as Korean dramas too.

If you’re looking to learn something new, you can also use Open Culture to learn a foreign language as they also have educational content too. You can learn a new skill during your free time or vacations or can listen to more than 9000+ audios available there.


12. Top Documentary Films

By the name Top Documentary Films, you might get to know they offer documentary type videos on their website. So, If you are ready to learn something new? they offer hundred documentary films on every topic.

From older ones to the recently produced documentaries.

Anything regarding history, health, conspiracy theories, and the performing arts. You’ll get it on Top Documentary Films. They also have National Geographic Documentaries so you can watch them with your children too.

13. SnagFilms

If you’re an Indie film lover then you will love SnagFilms as they provide fictional movies and documentaries. On SnagFilms, you can watch the classic movies for free that belong to the public domain.

Looking out for something new and different?

Try SnagFilms tonight because they offer many movies that you probably won’t see in many other online websites. As most of these movies are produced by independent studios.

14. Viewster

Viewster also offers to watch free movies online especially animation movies, but also offers movies of the other genres like comedy and gaming too.

They have a focused movie catalog So you would not choose Viewster as your first option to watch free movies online if you want a full feature film.

But the content you’ll find on viewster will not be available at most of the other free movie websites. Especially those who focus more on the public domain movies ( basically movies from the 1960s and earlier).

15. Veoh

It’s another in the list of free movie websites that let you watch free movies online from all over the world. Also, you need to create an account for watching movies online.

After creating an account, You can search for movies that you’re not getting somewhere else.


16. Overdrive

Overdrive something like an online drive, an online platform that offers you to rent movies, ebooks, and audios for free. It’s something like an online library.

They don’t have a huge collection and you’ll have to wait for your turn to have the title. Overdrive is free and offers a wide range of family-friendly content that you’re not going to get somewhere else easily

You can go to your local library and ask them if they offer free online movies.


17. Vimeo

Something different As Vimeo offers a mini free movie collection with their “Staff Picks” category. Most of their videos are short videos of less than 5 min or less. You are not going to watch a thriller Hollywood movie that’ll give you goosebumps. But, you can find some really interesting videos or short movies for free here on Vimeo.

18. Yidio

Yidio have a free movie section on their website. They are something like an online movie streaming search engine. As they can help you to look up places from where you can get free movie websites or websites that let you watch movies online for free.

Just like Google. It’ll save a lot of time searching for free movies online and spending your weekend searching for the perfect movie and also websites that let you stream movies online for free.


Soap2day is a new and fast growing movie streaming site with a large collection of the latest and most popular movies to watch for free in HD. One great feature of Soap 2 day is that you can download movies to watch then online.

Soap2day is the top website to find all the top-rated movies and high-quality content on the web at free of cost. The soap2day website has a simply user interface (UI) and has a loot of features. you can search you favorite content by different categories like recently added, latest HD movies, latest TV series, popular movies, release year and more.


Free Movie Streaming Websites Other Than Netflix

19. Pureflixfree movie websites

You have children and you don’t want any inappropriate movies? Don’t worry you can stream movies online with Pureflix.

Pureflix is one of the best video streaming platforms to watch movies, TV shows, short films, and documentaries.

You want to try them? They also offer a Free 30 Days Trial Offer for their new customers before you can start your monthly subscription with PureFlix

20. Amazon PrimeFree Movie Websites

Since I joined Amazon Prime, I’m a regular viewer of prime videos. They also offer a free trial of  30 days, You can check out before you make the mind of buying their service

Maybe you joined Amazon Prime for free and fast delivery. One of the other fringe benefits of Prime membership is free movies and TV shows.

Just like other studios, or Netflix and Hulu they are also producing their own content under the banner of Prime. Those content are prime exclusive and you won’t find those content anywhere else.

21. Lifetime Movie Clubfree movie websites

If you’re looking forward to sticking to your cable plan then You might like Lifetime Movie Club. You will cancel your cable subscription by joining Lifetime Movie Club.

For just four bucks a month, you can watch movies for a lifetime on your TV, computer, and mobile devices commercially free whenever you want.

Try them !! You’ll love their service


Did you try any of these above mentioned free movie websites to stream movies online?

To help you with this, I would like to clear your doubts about streaming movies online So that you don’t get scammed. Everything in this world comes with a price, Nothing is free. Most of the free movie websites let you stream movies online but They’ll show you ads. So they are making money out of you.

But We shared the best and most trusted free movies websites here on BlogsGeek.

Are Free Movie Websites a Scam?

You must have tried a lot of websites to watch free movies online. But most of them were not working, So the next time you try watching free movies online, try looking for Click Play button on the site.

There are a lot of websites that claim to offer you free movies but are fake. Full of irritating ads and pop-ups,  but nothing happens when you click the Play Button.

There are chances that most of those free movie streaming websites no longer work, some of them can put spyware on your computer especially when you try to watch a newly released movie which is not even on DVD yet. The only way to watch free movies online is to watch movies with in-between ads from the free movie websites listed above.

The World Wide Web is very vast and you can get a lot of other movie streaming websites that are not listed above. Check them before you start streaming movies online.

If you are looking for a movie streaming website and you found a free movie website that you’re unsure about, look for these things to check they are legit or not:

  • Contact information
  • An About Us page
  • State how they offer the movies for free (public domain or permission from the studio)
  • Positive reviews from at least one third-party website


Can You Stream Any Movie for Free?

Unfortunately, But the bitter truth is that not every movie you can stream for free online in a legal way.

There are copyright acts that protect the interest of movie producers So no one can produce copies of their hard work movies for free.  Copyright Act of 1976, is something you need to know about.

But when the copyrights are not renewed then the movie enters the public domain.

So just after the movies go into the public domain, it can be broadcast and streamed online for free without any penalty. That’s the reason why most of the above listed free movie websites have movies and TV shows from the back in the 1960s that are into the public domain.

Producer’s discretion is also a factor of a movie going into a public domain. Producers let the movies go into the public domain when they can’t get any more royalties or profit from the film.

Recently most of the big torrent sites like CAT goes offline after the government ordered for a shutdown. So avoid downloading movies via torrent sites, as most of them are illegal. In the same time, You can get a lot of spyware installed onto your system.

Can You Watch New Movies for Free?

Mostly the new movies are not available on the free movie websites legally. As they are still earning profit for the studio from the movie distribution. They are not into the public domain.

You can get those movies on premium streaming sites that charge your for streaming the new movies online.

Just like Amazon prime, They let you watch some of their content which is newly released.

Are Free Movie Websites Legal?

Yeah !! The free movie websites listed above are legal as they offer movies that are into the public domain or they partner with the movie studio to show it legally free online.

They are showing ads in between the movie, So Actually they are earning from those commercial ads. They pay the movie studios from the revenue they generated from the ads.


Can I Watch Free Movies with Roku?

Yes! You can

Several of the movie websites included here offer a free Roku app that works with your RokuExpress to seamlessly watch the free movies directly on your TV.

You will need to see which websites support Roku streaming, but these suggestions are already set up for Roku:

  • Crackle
  • Vudu
  • TubiTV
  • Popcornflix

Which Free Movie Website Is the Best?

Something is best when you like it most, It depends on what you want to watch online and which one lets you watch it. The best and most common movie streaming method is directly from your laptop just like a youtube video.

If you have a smart TV, Roku, or video game system that you want to watch videos with, you should consider one of the free movie apps listed above, Crackle and Vudu are probably the two most common apps but there are several to choose from.


A movie ticket cost up to $9 per ticket. What about trying a free movie website when you have nothing to lose.

If you love old movies, then now you’ll be able to watch them online for free as compared to have a premium Netflix or cable subscription. You can find the new movies too somewhere on the web with a few commercial ads.

Now choose your favorite free movie website listed above, grab a bowl of popcorn, and sit back on your couch and enjoy the free movie online.



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