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9 WordPress Plugins Every Newbie Blogger Must Use

WordPress, The base of the current era of blogging. Yes, You heard it right Almost 90% of the blogs are WordPress based blogs. It is because of the compactness and easy to blog feature of WordPress, even a newbie could simply blog professionally just by WordPress.

This article is all about the Top 9 WordPress Plugins Every Newbie Blogger Must Use Use at the primary level of blogging.

WordPress is all about plugins and effective themes, you can find thousands of plugins useful for your blog here. you don’t have to code for a particular function all that you need to do is install a custom plugin for that particular function.

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Every WordPress blog needs some base plugins for the proper functioning of the blog.to make your blog more efficient and impressive you must use those basic plugins

so today here I am going to mention some of the basic WordPress plugins that are very much essential for a newbie blogger and his blogging career.

9 WordPress Plugins Every Newbie Must Use

Akismet7 WordPress Plugins Every Newbie Blogger Must Use

The first and the most useful plugin in WordPress that helps bloggers to protect their blog from spams and protect your blog even you sleep. Akismet is being used by almost 1 million+ bloggers that means about 99% of the WordPress bloggers use Akismet to protect their blog from spam comments and links. it automatically detects the spam and filter it out for the spam section of your blog and gives admin the choice to choose whether it’s spam Or Not.

Click Here To Install Akismet In Your WordPress Blog

Jetpack By WordPress.com

7 WordPress Plugins Every Newbie Blogger Must Use


Jetpack the most powerful and effective plugin in WordPress which enables use with a variety of options and functions to be implemented on their WordPress blog. Jetpack comes with a total lack of features that are essential for a basic professional WordPress blog. It allows you to customize your comments section with Avatars, Extra sidebar widgets, Custom CSS, Contact Form, Mobile Theme, Monitor 24*7, Post By email, sharing options, site stats, subscriptions, vault press and many more exciting functions of the jetpack . It will definitely help a newbie blogger to customize his blog more easily.

Click Here To Install Jetpack By WordPress.com 

W3 Total Cache7 WordPress Plugins Every Newbie Blogger Must Use

The next but the most important WordPress Plugin that helps users to Enhance their WordPress blog performance as W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your site by increasing server performance, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.with the looks of a blog its functioning must also be proper and for enhancing blog performance the best ever plugin that must be used is W3 Total Cache.

Click Here To Install W3 Total Cache

Yoast SEO7 WordPress Plugins Every Newbie Blogger Must Use

Everybody knew about the search engine optimization and in WordPress, you could easily optimize your blog SEO by using Yoast SEO plugin, the only plugin that came with features like creating and editing XML sitemaps, social integration, Breadcrumbs, RSS integration, Meta And Link Elements, Page Analysis All In One. you don’t have to go for multiple plugins just what you need to do is to install Yoast Plugin and start optimizing your Blog search engine optimization.

Click Here To Install Yoast SEO Plugin

WP Smush7 WordPress Plugins Every Newbie Blogger Must Use

The next plugin that must be properly set at the beginning of a blog i.e WP smush which helps to make your blog more image responsive as it helps to Resize and optimize all of your images with the incredibly powerful and 100% free image smasher. In the free version of the Plugin, you could smush or resize 50 images in a click but if you using a paid version you could get more premium features of this awesome Plugin.

Click Here To Install WP smush Plugin

Reduce Bounce Rate7 WordPress Plugins Every Newbie Blogger Must Use

Bounce Rate is a crucial factor which shapes your blog reputation,one should always try to reduce the bounce rate of his/her blog as higher bounce rate also leads to penalties for example- if you are using Google Adsense for monetizing your blog then having a high bounce rate will result is the banning of your Google Adsense account. so for reducing the bounce rate of your blog you could use Reduce Bounce Rate plugin for WordPress. Why Waiting ?? Install Reduce Bounce Rate in Your WordPress Now.

Click Here To Install Reduce Bounce Rate

WP Biographiawp-biographia-banner

WP Biographia is a WordPress plugin to add and display a customizable user biography to the front page, single post types, archives, and RSS feeds as well as via a widget in your sidebar.what are you waiting for ??

Click here to install WP Biographia Now

WP Social SEO Booster7 WordPress Plugins Every Newbie Blogger Must Use

WP Social SEO Booster adds Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Card and Google Rich Snippets to your site to boost your site’s search engine visibility. It helps in building links from social media on a daily basis, get high-quality backlinks from social media

Click here to install WP social seo Booster

Backup & Restore Dropbox 7 WordPress Plugins Every Newbie Blogger Must Use

Supports WordPress Backup and Restore to/from Local Storage or upload Backups to Dropbox.

It will help you to automate your WordPress backups on a daily basis. the backups will be helpful in the future in case of Data Loss & Recovery

Features of website backup & website restore plugin:

  • Unlimited dropbox backups;
  • Unlimited dropbox restores;
  • Unlimited local backups;
  • Unlimited local restores;

Click here to install Backup & Restore Dropbox Now

Ending Up

Well, I would recommend WordPress to every newbie blogger who is looking up for their career in this blogging field, even the top bloggers like Harsh from shoutmeloud and Kulwant from Bloggingcage also use WordPress and recommends WordPress to everyone.these were the basic plugins a newbie must use for their WordPress blog.

Do you think I missed something ?? Kindly mention it in the comment section below


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  • Arjun Koroth

    Nice article…
    But there are better alternatives for some plugins.. Instead of WP Smush use EWWW optimiser or Kraken Io optimiser. Its much better & offer loseless compression too.
    W3 Total Cache is now beaten by WP Super Cache which is better.
    Also Reduce Bounce Rate plugin doesn’t actually reduce bounce rate. It just gives an accurate statistics.
    Using Zero Bounce WP Plugin is recommended.

    Keep blogging….

  • Jay Henson

    W3 Total Cache is definitely a must have plugin. I’m using it on all of my WP websites upon recommendation .They configured the plugin on all of my websites and I noticed a huge improvement in the loading speed.


  • Gregory Lucy

    Hey there,

    Thanks for your nice article on ” 9 WordPress Plugins Every Newbie Must Use”. Yes, I do agree with you and hope newbies will consider to use these on their respective websites.

  • bhanu

    Nice professional article, It’s worth reading. I surely share this article with all of my friends, especially who are struggling for success…


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